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1 way to free yourself from your procrastination


Your procrastination simply means postponing until the next day. We could also say postpone, delay, postpone everything you could do today. A tendency to postpone, postpone, postpone, postpone tasks that you could do quickly.

It results from a conscious mechanism (we know what we have not done, resulting in a strong sense of guilt) but which is based on unconscious springs.

It’s not a single postponement but a series of repetitions over time. It can be a vicious circle if it’s rooted in your habits. Taken to the extreme, it could be called a disease of action.

All that your procrastination is NOT

It is not laziness : It is the conscious and unconscious choice of one action at the expense of another. Generally, we are active and well organized with what we like to do, what we know and what makes sense.

It is not a disease : it cannot be treated with medication.

Your procrastination is not something you can catch from birth : you become one over time, especially at a time when you are studying. But the good news is that since no one is frozen in time, it is possible to change by changing your habits and your perception of reality.

It is not just a time management problem : it is more related to our ability to self-regulate and our self-control.

It is not inevitable : It is useless to add guilt to guilt if the first attempts fail. You have to keep your confidence and start over.

It is not a question of knowing when to apply. It is not a question of wanting, it is also a question of acting


Ask the right questions to avoid the consequences of your procrastination

You have to ask yourself all these questions :

  • How many projects have I started but never finished ?
  • How many project dreams have remained in a state of good intentions ?
  • How many good resolutions went up in smoke ?

Quite often, its birth comes from the discouragement that we have all felt when faced with the magnitude of a task to be accomplished. From now on, you’ll have a tendency to make up false excuses. It is equivalent to resisting the movement. A principle of inertia, the first of Newton’s three laws.

We can quote Emmet’s law :

More time and energy is spent living in fear of a task to be accomplished than simply doing it

Procrastination undermines your energy and has a devastating effect on your self-esteem and confidence. It is a form of sabotage with self-destructive and masochistic habits that take you away from your goals and well-being.

Taken to the extreme, it is a form of disability that can have social consequences and generate suffering such as isolation, self-deprecation, depression, even hygiene and health problems….

Know the source of its procrastination to better treat it

We are procastinators in power whether in our personal or professional lives. We all have to postpone our tasks at one time or another. We must recognize that we are not machines.

Even though we know what is good for us, we can reproduce patterns that penalize us and act against our own interests, nurturing our best intentions. We become prisoners because we are trapped.

It is a resistance to change, the result of which is caused by unsatisfactory communication between our two minds, conscious and unconscious. As a result, they provide conflicting advice.

We are all subject to the law of the slightest effort. Humans have a biological survival program that keeps them away from stress and focuses on pleasure. Priority will be given to projects in which we develop immediately.

The Larborit law according to Henri Larborit, French surgeon and neurobiologist is the law of the least effort according to these two principles :

procrastination: less effort and immediate pleasure
  • Our actions are aimed at giving us immediate satisfaction.
  • Our natural tendency is to procrastinate based on the animal behaviour of man and his instincts (fleeing or fighting).

It must be recognized that often we give up our desires because we don’t know HOW to start !

The lack of clarity is often the source of our procrastination

The first source of your procrastination is lack of interest. You procrastinate when you get tired of routine tasks that you consider uninteresting. Monitoring of the lack of decision-making flexibility that is often found in the professional environment.

Finally, there is the legion of unconscious fears that pushes you to procrastination. The most common is fear of failure, followed by fear of the judgment of others.

Knowing how to free yourself from it to see your entrepreneurial potential grow

It must be recognized that sometimes it is good to procrastinate. It’s just being led to sometimes :

  • disconnecting the autopilot
  • questioning his habits
  • re-interviewing his choices

You need to reclaim your decision-making power. To help you achieve this, you can use the path of kaizen, the “small steps” philosophy that makes everything possible, accessible and within your reach.

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The first step is important because it helps the mind to ward off the fear that blocks action so that it can start without fear of failure. It also means working on getting it moving.

The greatest journey always begins with a first step


If it is taken to the extreme and this procrastination is not an isolated case and is accompanied by other sufferings, it is the role of your doctor, or a specialist, to guide you and help you identify the therapeutic measures to be implemented.

The best thing would be to start the day with what is the most difficult or what you don’t like. To be honest, you can make things easier for yourself this way :

  • You clarify and visualize what is to be done ( you have the steps)
  • You identify the smallest step to accomplish this task
  • You start with the most pleasant of these little steps. This improves your motivation and reduces the temptation to procrastinate and disperse

Knowing where you are going will make it easier for you to know what you need to do to get there and what specific actions to take.


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