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Work less to be happy

travailler moins pour vivre mieux

The illusion maintained in money and work makes us ineffective

Many of us want to accumulate more and more money. Yet, as often as we like to think, that is not the answer. The problem goes beyond money. Millions of people have seen their savings melt away like snow in the sun and dream of options B or C. The ultimate question is “How to work less and earn more ?

With regard to work, most of those who avoid leaving their jobs are reassured that their situation will improve with wage increases or simply with time.

Most work to death thinking, “I’ll keep working until I get so much in the bank and then I’ll do what I want. In the absence of a definition on “What I want“, the “So much” can increase indefinitely to avoid the terrifying uncertainty of this void. From then on, an employee as well as a company manager can turn into a “Big guy in a convertible car“.

Remember that for all the most important things, this is never the right time. Like waiting for the moment to leave work and realize that all the red lights in life will never turn green or the stars will never be aligned. Conditions are never perfect. If you say “Someday” to yourself, it means that your illness will take your dream with you to your grave. The “For” or “Against” lists are no better.

Most people who consider themselves brave or not maintain inaction. However, even if it is possible to have too much of a good thing, in excess the majority of shares and possessions take the following characteristics :

  • The more the less.
  • Excess aid becomes an obstacle.
  • Peace activists can turn into activists.
  • etc..

The ordinary rules of the “world” are for the most part a fragile accumulation of illusions maintained by society.

Let’s distinguish efficiency from performance :

  • Performance : It is the performance of a given task, whether or not it is important, in the most economical way possible.
  • Effective : It is about doing things that bring us closer to our goals.

You will agree that performance without regard to efficiency is the default mode of the universe.

For the contractor, wasting time is what prevents him from work less. It is often based on imitation and bad habits. Being overwhelmed is as sterile as doing nothing and much more unpleasant. Even if you have in mind what to do, without deadlines, you will not be able to focus your efforts on what needs to be done. You will invent minor tasks for yourself that will consume your time until another trifle replaces them and, at the end of the day, you have accomplished nothing.

Thinking patterns imposed by our cultures

You probably dream of escaping the famous “subway work dodo” and that you don’t want to stay behind a desk until you’re 65. You’re thinking more like a rather radical change of life, setting records, travelling the world or wandering in the imagination of real life.

It’s that in reality people don’t really want to be millionaires. Rather, it is all that only millions can offer, such as work less, having house staff, a winter sports chalet or all kinds of exotic practices. The dream is the total freedom that the million makes possible and provides. Hence the question is “How to live a life of total freedom ?

Wanting to accumulate more and more money is like a form of laziness, provided that the work in question makes no sense and without having replaced it because what really matters to you. Many of them have difficulty accepting this idea because of our culture that rewards personal sacrifice rather than individual productivity.

If you are considering leaving your job, be aware that people (parents, bosses and spouses) will most likely reject this idea. They will do so by being on an emotional basis. Nevertheless, they can learn to accept your choice once the fact has been accomplished. Most will be ready to stop you before you start anything, but they will be more hesitant to get in your way once you are launched.

Most entrepreneurs who are former employees have understood one thing. Those who also come from this culture 9am-19pm can adapt their schedules to work less and generate their target income. This shows that schedules are a social convention and an obsolete legacy of the volume approach to results. The resulting involvement will often be nothing more than insignificant work in disguise.

However, it is not entirely your fault if as an employee you spend your time on things that are of no interest. It’s just that there is often no incentive to use your time well except in cases where you are paid on a commission basis. You can see that, most of the time, the world has agreed to brew wind from 9am to 19pm. As soon as you feel obliged to create activities to keep you busy during this period of servitude.

To come back to the rules that govern our “world”, think that reality is negotiable. As if to be able to work less from your office, teleworking is negotiable. Apart from science and law, all rules can be circumvented or broken without becoming a crook.

The entrepreneur in his way of life is not interested in devoting an excess of idle time. It remains a poison. He can work less while aiming for a positive use of his free time for what he wants to do as opposed to what he is forced to do.

Know how to distinguish between good stress and bad stress. There are two types of stress as different from each other as euphoria is from its unknown opposite, dysphoria :

  • Distress (bad stress) : these are harmful stimuli that weaken your self-confidence and reduce your abilities.
  • Eustress (good stress) : is the one you don’t hear about. It refers to all models that put you under positive stress. “Eu” is the Greek prefix for “Healthy” found in the word euphoria. This pushes us to go beyond our limits, broadens our sphere of action and stimulates our development.

Most people prefer dissatisfaction to uncertainty. Uncertainty and fear of inaction often paralyze. They become scary noises lurking in the shadow of your mind. This is how “Tomorrow” is transformed into “Never“.

Just like people who consume too many calories, often without nutritional value, information workers eat too much data and often from poor sources. The information is generally negative, irrelevant, time-consuming and outside your sphere of influence.

The art of living of the new blessed

If you want to be part of new Blesseds, you must renounce the “It will be better tomorrow” way of life. That is, at retirement time. His way of life is based on a new exchange unit, time and mobility.

The real power lies in the ability to choose. You must learn to define your options at the lowest cost and effort. Paradoxically, it happens that you can earn as a happy consequence much more money by work less.

Your options are endless but each path starts with the same first step “Change basic assumptions“.

Click HERE, to find your habits and help you achieve your goals: “7 steps to define your habits and achieve your goals

To be part of new blessed ones, you must :

  • Learn a new lexicon.
  • Redefine your destination with a new compass for an unusual world.
  • Invent new rules.
  • Throw away the notion of “success” as you have known it.
  • Reverse responsibilities.

Nothing must be the same as before !

It will be necessary to alternate periods of activity and rest to flourish. Take into account that capacity, interest and mental endurance are all growing and decreasing. Work less means making you more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

If this does not end up destroying those around you, go ahead and justify yourself afterwards. If the potential damage remains limited or reversible, do not give others the opportunity to say no. Become a troublemaker and apologize when you fail for good.

To succeed, focus on your strengths without trying to correct your weaknesses. It is so much more fun and lucrative to capitalize on your strengths.

Focus on making the best use of your best assets instead of constantly correcting them

The question you need to ask yourself is not “What do I want ?” or “What are my goals ?” but rather “What makes me enthusiastic ?

The most remarkable of the new blessed plan their dreams. They define a chronology. Even if they look like objectives, they are distinguished by certain fundamental principles :

  • The objectives are not ambiguous wishes but rather specific steps.
  • To be effective, objectives must be unrealistic.
  • The activities will have to fill the gap left by the absence of work.

Living as a millionaire should not only be, own enviable things but rather demand to do interesting things.

Remember that “Tomorrow” is transformed into “Never“. No matter how insignificant the task may be, do it now.

Work less also means being more productive. To do this, focus on the few important elements and drop the rest. It is normal to go through a lot of trial and error at first to identify what you need to leave on the side of the road. This process should not take more than a month or two.

Learn to identify the small number of essential tasks. All the ones that feed your income the most. Schedule them with precise deadlines.

The first key to freedom and reduced productivity begins by limiting any form of overload at the entrance. There are two ways to have more time to use together :

  • To-do lists : What are the 20% of things that produce 80% of my results and happiness ?
  • Do not-do lists : What are the 20% of things that produce 80% of my results and problems and dissatisfaction.

The second key is to learn to ignore or redirect all irrelevant or insignificant interrupt information that does not help you to act. Most of the time, it’s all three at once. Develop your ability to be selectively ignorant for your happiness and to stay in the concrete and practical.

To go further…

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