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To undertake with willpower – A force to be tamed

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Often people think that the intensity at which they want something is the will. Technology makes us believe that we control the outside world. It convinces us that we can control the uncontrollable.

No one is born a gladiator by innately acquiring mental strength. To pursue your goal despite obstacles, you must strengthen your mental strength.

Too many ambitious initiatives have failed, even though they could have been avoided with a little thought. Often, it is simply because they refuse to consider that something might not go as planned that they do not have a plan B.

Some promises are broken and you don’t always get what you deserve, even if you deserve it. The universe is governed by external factors over which you have no control.

Mistakes often happen and will spoil your projects. It happens often but not always! You are Y and you know you want to accomplish X, so you spend money, time and involve your contacts. The worst part of this story is that it will surprise you when things go wrong. The reason is that unexpected failures are discouraging and hurt.

We rarely think about how much worse things could have been because we think about what we’d rather have.

To undertake with willpower: Domesticated nature

It is easy to think that nature has been domesticated when it has not. In a world where we can transfer documents to the other side of the world in nanoseconds, chatting on video from anywhere with anyone or predicting the weather to the minute, our arrogance makes us believe that we can change everything.

Many failures are the result of the collapse of the will rather than specific external events. We tend to whine, moan, complain when things don’t go as we would like. We are overwhelmed when the things we were “promised” have been taken away from us.

Some people may think, “I don’t care about others, I have to think about myself before it’s too late” That is what some of our so-called community leaders may think when the situation turns into a crisis. At that time, it is better to ignore them to show how you will undertake with will. It doesn’t help anyone to make it a personal issue.

The moment you think you have overcome one obstacle, another one appears because the law of nature is such that it never stops.

To undertake with willpower is to train your mental strength

To undertake with willpower is your internal power that is never affected by the outside world. It is essential when we are no longer in control.

To cultivate it, you need to prepare for the upheavals of adversity, you need to learn the art of consent and practice the spirit.

Will can take 2 forms :

  • Either it is in flexibility, resilience and humility.
  • Or it is a form of weakness that translates into bluster and ambition.

Perception and action are the disciplines of body and mind. Despite attempts to change and putting all your energy into your actions, they sometimes become inhibited or fail because of external elements that you do not control.

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Your willpower is your strength in front of an obstacle, in life and its hazards. We can speak of several forces to be joined together to reach the ultimate strength :

  • The strength to endure
  • The power to contextualize
  • The strength to make sense of the obstacles we can’t overcome

The strength to return the unreturnable

To undertake with willpower is what protects you, prepares you and allows you to be happy and prosper. It’s what allows you to stand your ground and get to work no matter what the conditions. That is, even when your worst nightmares come true or when the unthinkable happens.The willpower is what protects you, prepares you and allows you to be happy and prosper. It’s what allows you to resist and get on with the job, no matter what the conditions. That is, even when your worst nightmares come true or when the unthinkable happens.

A healthy soul in a healthy body“, this expression translates the creation of mental strength through physical exercise and the physical strength of your mental training.

This approach goes back to the ancient philosophers where many considered themselves spiritual athletes. The brain being a muscle, it trains and strengthens itself through exercise. It can be developed to, over time, respond intuitively to obstacle situations.

The Stoics call what is deep within us and that no external adversary can destroy the “inner citadel”. In good times you must strengthen your body and mind to protect your “inner citadel” in bad times. It is your last rampart and your first protection.

To undertake with willpower : the effects of training

As with achieving excellence in any field through training, so too with obstacles and adversity. The way things turn out and your plan are rarely the same and we are shocked by events as they happen.

The pre-mortem scenario is increasingly being adopted in business whether for large companies or start-ups. Originally developed by the Stoics, they found the term “premeditation of misfortune“.

Through this anticipation, you understand the diversity of probable outcomes that are rarely good. Knowing this makes it easier to deal with anything that could go wrong.

Even if you think otherwise, constraints are good things when you accept them and let yourself be guided. Constraint pushes you to develop talents that you might otherwise have overlooked.

To go further requires tenacity, humility and willpower to accept things as they are. If you “throw in the towel“, it’s just because you’ve accepted a state of affairs.

External circumstances may benefit you because they have taught a lesson that you were reluctant to learn.

Anticipate obstacles to make the right decisions

The power to undertake with willpower in a crisis is an opportunity for you to :

  • transform it into a pedagogical experience
  • turn it into a lesson in humility
  • find the opportunity to comfort others

To undertake with willpower is an indispensable discipline if you want to adapt to an intrinsically unpredictable world.

Despite the many obstacles, you can :

  • submit to a greater cause
  • protect yourself by turning in on yourself
  • learn how to manage your expectations
  • keep up the good work
  • learn how to prepare
  • agree to change

It will be easier for you to harden yourself rather than trying to change a world that is indifferent to your existence. Even in good times, it is better to be prepared in case things go wrong.

Things can happen to you and your life is waiting for answers. You need to be prepared for what your choices involve :

  • Are you ready to get back in the ring if necessary for a few more rounds ?
  • Does the uncertainty bother you ?
  • How do you feel under pressure ?
  • How does it feel to be alone ?

Your shielding does not make you invincible, but it will help you in case of bad luck. Luck is bound to change at some point.

If you’re not humble, life is going to teach you humility


Although a good win is always more pleasant than a bad one, you must prepare for disruptions and integrate them into your plans. Even if you can’t rely on others as on yourself (unless you’re your own worst enemy) you have to make concessions to the world around you sometimes because each of us depends on the others.

It is best to think about the weaknesses of your project so that your failures are properly perceived, corrected or simply endured. By looking for what could go wrong, you will not be surprised and you will have the strength to endure it.

By anticipating, you will have time to build your defenses to avoid obstacles and you will be more enduring. Well prepared for failure, you will be ready to succeed.

Destiny leads the one who consents and pulls the one who resists


You must accept that accidents can happen to you in order to channel, consent and accept. Once you have distinguished the things that do not depend on you and you are finally overwhelmed by the result, you are left with only one option: accept.

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As soon as the cause of your problem is beyond your control, it is better to accept it 😉

To go further…

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