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Tactic for action – 3 ways to lead the offensive

tactiques pour agir

Sometimes you can become your best enemy by wanting something too badly. This is the mistaken belief that moving forward is the only way to progress and succeed. It may turn out that taking a step back removes the obstacle from your path.

We all face constraints to manage :

  • Dress codes
  • Legal procedures and obligations
  • Hierarchies that dictate how you behave
  • Protocols

If you don’t pay the slightest attention to it, it can disrupt your game and if you think about it too much, you will be oppressed.

Without being able to channel your energy, you may have to explode as soon as something goes wrong. Or you may rebel instead of taking action.

If you think you just have to seize opportunities when they arise, you probably lack ambition.

Most people run away from a negative situation or failure. We tend to do everything we can to avoid boredom when we should be turning the tragedy to your advantage.

A situation of crisis

Whenever you encounter a crisis situation, what do you do with it ? For many it’s :

  • Give up
  • Feeling sorry for himself
  • Let disappointment overwhelm you

To complain about not having a chance is to ignore all the opportunities you have. And you have plenty of them…

Life smiles to the bold and favours the brave

Obstacles happen when you least expect it

Even if your enemy or the obstacle in front of you is really insurmountable, you can :

  • Persevere : Overcoming the obstacle through wear and tear
  • Repeat : Benefit from learning by doing

You’re still a long way from throwing in the towel, aren’t you ?

To get where you want to go, there are so many different ways that the solution of standing still and taking a step back is not obvious. It may be the best way to move forward and it may require a certain amount of humility. Accepting that you can’t do what you want can be difficult.

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You can use the obstacles against themselves. This will require composure, determination, bravery and strategy.

The action consists of transforming the negative into a positive in order to pass to the other side.

tactic for action: change of approach

For example, a castle can become an impregnable, intimidating fortress and even a prison when under siege.

Even an impressive obstacle can become an advantage if you know how to use it against him. It’s all about change of approach and action.

Frustration can be put to good use. There is nothing to stop you from breaking the rules and turning them to your advantage.

Think of the water that feeds the power plants. Once it reaches an artificial dam, its energy is stored to be transformed into energy.

Channelling your energy will require you to find a balance :

  • If you relax too much mentally and physically, it’s just recklessness
  • If you are too firm mentally and physically, you will fall into anxiety

On the other hand, mental restraint combined with physical relaxation will be a powerful thing.

There are times in life when we face enormous challenges that are often unfortunate, unfair and frustrating. Especially since they always come at the worst possible time.

Use the disruptive element to your advantage

In the meantime, hold on to the following rule: never give up in the face of adversity, beware of prosperity and remember that good fortune always does what it pleases


First tactic for action : Turning obstacles against themselves

We have everything in us to strive for progress. Whatever the verdict, we can accept this situation and move on.

You can ask yourself these three questions :

  • Should I consider a difficulty as a purely negative event ?
  • Can I overcome this negative side and respond to this challenge ?
  • Can I see that this “problem” presents a solution that I have been waiting for a long time ?

Sometimes to overcome an obstacle, the best tactic to take action is to step back and let yourself be attacked

You can use the actions of others against them. In this process, instead of fighting against obstacles, you will find a way for them to go against themselves. With patience, the obstacle may eventually become blunt.

To get what you want, you must first reconsider your desires. This may lead you to explore a new direction. You may be led to :

  • Create a new business to replace your insufficient income.
  • Discover that by ignoring your customers, you end up attracting more of them.

All that matters is to find the approach that allows you to reach your goal.

Using what gets in your way may at some point be to simply let the work do the work for you. This is like leaving the obstacle as it is instead of trying to change it.

Second tactic for action : Channel your energy

Mental restraint combined with physical relaxation can drive your competitors and opponents crazy. They will find you exasperating and feel like you are playing with them. You will appear quite natural as immune to stress.

Adversity can relax you, make you tough and make you better if you want to. All you have to do is rename it and claim it.

Third tactic for action : Take advantage of the offensive

Just when everyone around you is predicting disaster, you must learn to keep moving forward. It is sometimes at the most critical moment that you can unexpectedly and quickly snatch a great victory. While others get discouraged, not you! See the moment differently and act accordingly.

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Take the opportunity to do what you’ve had in mind for so long :

  • If you’re bedridden, then you have time to write.
  • If your emotions overwhelm you and make you suffer, then turn it into a subject.
  • If you’ve lost your job or experienced a break-up in your life, it’s hard but you can resume your journey lighter.

Now you know that if something disruptive happens as a failure or something else, use it !

Perception is manageable, action is directed

You can think clearly and react creatively. You can knock down an obstacle and use it as an opportunity to practice another talent or discover another virtue. You can accept that the bad things that happen will make you humble.

Problems are a chance for you to do your best. Do your best, we don’t ask you to do the impossible


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You can expect nothing to work at first. You have it in you to try to make things work. Whatever the verdict, you’re the kind of person who’s ready to accept it and take action. That’s your best tactic for taking action 😉

To go further…

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