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Successful sale and becoming irresistible in 7 steps

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Selling is more than just responding to demand with supply. Having a product at an attractive price is not enough. It is necessary for you to master certain marketing and successful sale techniques. If your start is too soft, you won’t have enough people looking forward to your product on the first day of its launch. I will introduce you to the orchestrated sales technique that will make your sales easier. As a bonus, I present you the 3 criteria to adapt your look always with the idea of facilitating your successful sale 😉

The orchestra sale to get started in 7 steps

An effective strategy to get the rocket out of your business. The orchestrated launch is a technique that takes 1 to 4 weeks to focus all the attention of your market on your product or service. By creating an event, you will succeed in generating a significant volume of sales from the start of your activity.

become the conductor of the orchestra in order for a successful sale
become the conductor of the orchestra in order for a successful sale

To give you a little more insight into the sales volume potential you can achieve.

Within a week, you can achieve a turnover equivalent to that of a year

However, to achieve this and anticipate the day of your launch, you need to follow a few steps.

To prepare yourself, you will use a precious ally, time. First of all, you will announce that your concept is being prepared. You will indicate an approximate launch date. This is a major asset for a successful sale and is called a “warning shot“.

This technique will bring you important results from a very small contact list. It is not impossible to transform a single contact into a list of 100 or even 10,000 contacts. To do this, you can already use your close network (former colleagues, friends, family members, etc.).

If you can’t do this even by soliciting your network of contacts. Another alternative is to contact a company. But not just any company. The one that potentially sees customers matching your avatar every day. If this company offers a complementary product to yours, all you have to do is contact them and offer them to promote your product.

There are also companies that dream of getting rid of your ideal customer. Simply because they are “too beginner” or “too advanced” for their product. They are likely to redirect these customers to you as well.

In the time between the launch and the “warning shot” you will be able to :

  • Collect contact information from interested parties.
  • Survey their needs.
  • Set up the logistics required for the launch.

Here are the 7 steps of an orchestrated launch to succeed in selling :

  • Warning shot before the launch date : To help you realize it you must communicate beforehand and make your “warning shot” as seen previously.
  • Make sure who you are talking to and what they are interested in : You can get this information from a quick market survey (see link below).
  • Formulate a captivating promise : Get your prospects’ contact information. Propose exciting content, i.e. ideas or lessons that are useful to your audience.
  • Maintain the interest of your prospects with a regular communication presence : It is important to stay in the minds of the people who have communicated their interest to you.
  • Develop 4 to 10 episodes in your launch sequence : You need to maintain interest and generate attention with your audience.
  • Make an irresistible offer : Offer your first customers an offer so tempting that you’d have to be crazy to turn it down!
  • Use emotional levers : Create urgency and rarity to reinforce the irresistible side of your offer.

To find out how to do a quick market research: “Market research in 7 questions

The “Warning shot” technique will bring you important results thanks to your small list like reaching 10,000 contacts. You can already start by using your close network.

If you can’t find any contacts in your network, here is another alternative: The company but not just any company ! The one that potentially has customers coming in front of it every day and that matches your avatar.

If this company offers a complementary product to yours then that’s fine! They will be more likely to agree to promote your product.

And that’s not all ! There are also companies that dream of getting rid of your ideal customer. Simply because they are “too beginner” or “too early” to sell their product.

Bonus : 3 look criteria to sell successfully

First of all, let’s talk about the look you can adopt to promote your sales. To achieve your goals, it is important to leave nothing to chance. Your image must match you and be honest. The goal is to adopt an attitude that does not contradict what you say.

Adapting your look for a successful sale
Adapting your look for a successful sale

To achieve this, you can follow the rule (Insured, Adequate, and Attractive). This triptych aims to ensure that your non-verbal image matches your verbal language.

Insured : You have an important knowledge of yourself. Thanks to your fine perception of yourself, you choose clothes that reflect your personality, whether in the choice of colours, materials, cut, etc. Know how to invest more for any accessory that you know you will wear often.

Adequate : Consider your work environment. In other words, everything that characterizes your corporate culture. This takes into account the values of your customers. You can use these 5 questions to help you choose an outfit :

  • Why this meeting ?
  • Who am I meeting ?
  • When will this meeting take place ?
  • What’s the weather like ?

You can rethink the choice of colors :

  • To project an image of power and authority, you can use dark, neutral colors. Nevertheless, nothing prevents you from adopting an association by means of a light-dark contrast.
  • To appear affordable and accessible, you can use matte and light colours. They will help you make a good impression.

Attractive : Introduce yourself carefully and thoroughly. This implies that your personal hygiene is just as crucial as your dress code.

To sum up, you know how to launch an offer by first giving your audience a “warning shot“, which consists of giving your audience an approximate launch date. This first step is part of a 7-step “orchestrated launch” package :

  1. Announce the launch date of your “warning shot” offer.
  2. Talk to potential customers that you have identified through your market research.
  3. Offer relevant content to get your prospects to agree to give you their contact information.
  4. Communicate regularly with your prospects to maintain interest in them as well as in you.
  5. Run 4 to 10 episodes to gradually build interest and attention with your audience.
  6. Offer a totally irresistible offer to your audience
  7. Specify the urgency by specifying that your offer will be limited in time.

As a bonus, I suggest you adapt your look by respecting the rule for Insured, Adequate and Attractive so that your image is in line with your ideas :

  1. Your clothes reflect your personality
  2. Rethink your clothing style according to your company’s values
  3. Be well taken care of

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