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How to sell a product better ?

mieux vendre un produit

How can you sell a product better, the many beginning entrepreneurs who miss their “sales pitch“. And why should their customers listen to them when they have not connected their solution to their customer’s problem ?

Some entrepreneurs see only by their “vision“. They overlook their potential customer’s problem and go straight to the solution by repeating “thanks to my product, your life is going to be great“.

Your customer will only be receptive to your sales pitch if it responds to everyday pain

Otherwise he or she will think that you are out of touch with reality and that you don’t understand his or her need.

Even those who have managed to make a product by taking into account the needs of their customer and involving them find themselves stuck when it comes to creating a simple, catchy and persuasive message. All the following questions pop into their heads :

  • Where to start ?
  • How do you make your prospect aware of all the benefits of your product ?
  • What arguments can I put forward ?

Your first attempt will no doubt prove to be quite laborious :

  • Your argument is too complicated
  • It’s full of technical jargon
To sell a product better without annoying your prospect

Your client will find it so annoying that he’ll end up leaving more than you think. You don’t understand because you know your product inside out. You wanted to say everything and no one could figure out what you were getting at. Often to sell a product better, it will be missing from your sales pitch :

  • Contextual elements that make it difficult to understand the problem you are solving, or for which client.
  • Your promises seem hollow
  • Your arguments do not differentiate you from your competitors and are too generic.

Unfortunately your sales page makes your target customer want to close this browser window as soon as possible.

The problem probably doesn’t lie with your arguments. It’s probably more a problem of structure that can be corrected by narrative art.

Have a product that brings real benefits to your customer. You can be excellent at what you do and have a product that brings real benefits to your customer. You have worked for a long time on the functionalities and technical aspects of your product.

However, selling your product requires you to clear your mind and put your technical vision aside. This is THE difficulty !

Your strength of reasoning will not be enough to generate emotions in your potential client. Even if you succeed, you may have to explain a rather abstract concept or methodology. Simply naming an emotion will not be enough in your sales pitch.

If you ask your client what he or she wants to accomplish, you will get answers like this :

  • I want to be free
  • I want to be happy
  • I want to look good
  • I want to be popular
  • I want to be rich

Even if these needs are important, they remain vaguely conceived and so banal that they no longer evoke any emotion.

Sell a product better by being convincing

Knowing how to sell is within anyone’s reach as long as they develop the following 3 skills :

  • Knowing how to identify needs
  • Capturing attention
  • Knowing how to engage the emotion

You can use a mode of communication in a market that you know and understand.

If you know how to write sales pages then you will have a decisive advantage to sell a product better that will bring you “dividends” for many years. Your sales message will have reached thousands of people year after year.

Whether by phone, by email or via a sales page, even if the format is different, the objective of the message will always be the same :

Succeeding in convincing a human being

Your sales pitch can be compared to an adventure where you take a person from point A to point B :

At point AAt point B
He’s never heard of you.
He’s never heard of your product.
He doesn’t see the point.
He doesn’t believe in your promise
He has no desire to listen to you
He knows who you are.
He sees what your product can do for him
He understands how the product works
He trusts you enough to place an order

If your product is simple and cheap :

  • It can go from point A to point B in about 10 minutes.

If your product is complex and expensive :

  • Le processus peut prendre plusieurs semaines comme pour un projet de consulting ou une formation

Very often your client is someone who has been following your free content for several years. He has taken the time to trust you and your method. In the same way, your client has had the time to take enough confidence in himself and his project to decide to follow your program.

give your customer time to gain confidence in him and in your method to sell a product better

The sales process starts as soon as the customer realizes that he has a problem. This starting point has occurred without even knowing you. He has never heard of you and has never come across your sales page.

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All sales messages make the same promise :

Helping his client imagine how much better his life will be after receiving… or following…

This promise works and can affect all professions, whether for a product or a service. It is a narrative art that you can use in any situation, whether it be :

  • in face-to-face conversation
  • on a sales page
  • in a video
  • in a Facebook ad

You will start by capturing your prospect’s attention by describing his or her problem

To develop your sales pitch and succeed in sell a product better, you can practice the “Go ahead, sell me this pen” exercise. The first reflex of the beginner will be to describe the pen in your hands. In itself the pen has almost no value but it will become very useful if you need to write something down. Nobody buys a pen but rather the ability to write with it.

In your sales pitch, you must distinguish between the “benefits” of your product and its “functions” :

The “benefit” is the solution to your customer’s problem that your product can solve. For example :

  • This website will help you to develop your visibility.
  • This software will help you save time in the management of your accounting.
  • This book will teach you how to increase your productivity without stressing out

The “function” is a characteristic that will describe your product :

  • This site was developed in PHP
  • This software processes your accounting data automatically
  • This book is 250 pages long

People buy a product first for its benefits and its functions will only be useful if they support a profit

We can distinguish the direct benefit “This product will make you lose 10kg” and the indirect benefit “This product will help you gain self-confidence“.

Jonathan Haidt is an American professor of social psychology who proposed, in his book “The hapiness hypothesis“, a metaphor describing the functioning of our mind :

A rider sitting on the back of an elephant

The horseman represents the strength of our reasoning. He knows where he’s going. The elephant represents our emotions and our unconscious. If the elephant refuses to go where the horseman wants to go, then it remains helpless.

That’s why you have to address the elephant first and do it in its language. It consists of the following needs :

  • Love
  • Fear
  • Hunger
  • Respect
  • The need to feel useful and to be part of something bigger than oneself

The elephant is a form of intelligence in its own right where love, empathy and spirituality are part of its domain.

Using your customer's elephant to sell a product better

To help you convey an emotion or idea to your prospect, you can imagine a movie script where you ask the following questions :

  • Which scene will best symbolize your prospect’s current pain ?
  • Which scene will best represent the result he or she wants to achieve ?

To support, improve this technique and sell your product, it will be a question of showing rather than saying.

The structure of your sales page and its sales pitch to sell a product better

Some people have a natural gift for gaining the confidence of their interlocutor and communicating their enthusiasm. If you are not one of them then you need to choose another way of selling that exploits your natural talents.

You must master 3 key elements in a sales pitch :

  1. The structure : Your sales pitch is composed of 3 steps :
    1. You have a problem
    2. I have THE solution
    3. Here’s how your life will get better thanks to my solution
  2. The sales pitch : The way to succeed in selling “almost” without talking about your product.
  3. Writing : The way of writing that will mainly address your prospect’s “elephant” (emotions).

Here is an example of an oversimplified pitch :

You have the same problem every day. Change your daily routine and adopt my product. Its benefits are sensational. Your life will be transformed where everything is possible for you

It is your responsibility to explain to your customer how your product will help them solve their problem. Your customer has neither the desire nor the time to do this for you.

To succeed in sell a product better, you can start building your sales pitch by starting by answering the following questions in the next 4 steps :

  1. The “starting point” problem :
    • What DUR (Durable, Urgent and Recognized) problem is your prospect trying to solve?
    • Why does this problem affect his daily life? What are the situations where his problem is most painful ?
    • Why haven’t all the solutions your prospect has considered worked ?
  2. The “fabulous treasure” solution :
    • What is THE solution to your prospect’s problem ?
    • How does this solution address your prospect’s problem ? Why does it work better than the others ?
    • How can you prove that your solution works ? (scientific studies, analogies, case studies, statistics, testimonials)
  3. The result “The Heroic Transformation” :
    • How will your solution transform your prospect’s life ?
    • What result will your prospect be able to achieve ? What emotions will he feel ? Will he be treated differently ?
    • By contrast, what happens if your prospect doesn’t adopt your solution ? How will his problem get worse ?
  4. The “Moral of the Story” call to action :
    • What can your offer do “right now” to move towards solving his problem ? (join an email list, request a quote, etc)
    • Why should your prospect act “now” ? (promotion, limited time offer)
    • What prevents your prospect from taking immediate action ? How can you solve his blockages one by one ?

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The more visual, immediate and specific your message will be, the more you will succeed in touching his “elephant“, i.e. your prospect’s emotions. This is how you will succeed in making more sales :

  • Describe a specific situation :You gain 30 minutes a day of time for yourself“.
  • Appeal to specific emotions :Say goodbye to the Monday blues
  • Visualize the result :Take the plunge and enjoy this new breath of fresh air” and reinforce your message with images.

Be concrete and announce directly the result your client is seeking to achieve

If you need to transform an abstract concept, an image that will arouse an emotion in your prospect, you have 2 methods at your disposal :

  • Analogy : It is visible and leads your prospect to make intuitive guesses to protect himself. “Writing content is like sowing seeds week after week” or “The email list is what the rod is to the fisherman“.
  • The case study : All you have to do is put an abstract concept into action to make it more visual. For example, it will be to tell how your product has changed the lives of your customers.

To go further…

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