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How to obtain convincing results ?

obtenir des résultats probants

All companies are looking for profit and productivity and are asking themselves “How to obtain convincing results ?“. The reality is that too few understand that the quickest way to get it is to get it right and get the basics right.

Most people will tell you that they are looking for happiness. Even if the meaning is to get closer to it, it is misunderstood because it doesn’t work the way we think it does. Often we get things and money for the pleasure we can get from them. Even though it is true that we can increase our joy by getting something or money, it is all temporary.

Money and material goods do not necessarily lead to lasting happiness

Often we don’t take the time to appreciate what we already have and automatically start looking for something else. It’s easy to move from acquisition to acquisition and success to success without ever taking the time to enjoy them. Wealth requires having a purpose in life. If wealth is to accumulate more and more money and bring in itself a certain happiness, all this eventually fades away.

The present moment may be too far away from the future to be able to clearly define a succession of priorities. Many people never reach their goal because they cannot do good between now and the next day, month or year to get there.

Involvement and what it means to obtain convincing results

There is a simple formula that in our lives can lead us to obtain convincing results :

Goal —> Priority —> Productivity

The 3 steps are linked and aim to get to the essentials. The more productive a person is, the more they are driven by their goal and priority. What can be visible to the public eye is the productivity carried by the invisible goal and priority.

A company cannot be composed of unproductive individuals. Productivity is the material on which the company’s profits are built. The goal is the combination of the distinction of all that matters to you. Our priority is what we value most and the actions taken determine your productivity. Life is a series is a series of interconnected choices. The goal informs your priority and it determines the productivity of your actions.

What we are is what we want determines what we do and what we accomplish

Circumstances can affect us differently in life. In the absence of an overview, it is easy to fall into a quick and repeated search for satisfaction because our happiness easily falls away sooner or later.

The level of happiness will depend on 4 factors :

  • Positive emotion and pleasure
  • Achievement
  • Relations
  • Involvement and meaning

Of these 4 factors, involvement and meaning are the most important. The best way to build lasting happiness is to become more involved in what gives meaning to your life. If your daily actions have a significance that is beyond you, then you are at the door of happiness.

Wanting money to have money last requires a more ambitious goal and for it to remain a driving force, you need a reason to want more money will not bring you happiness. The latter requires a more ambitious goal and in order for it to remain a driving force, you need a reason to want more money. Happiness appears on the path to accomplishment.

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Having a defined purpose in life allows you to have a clearer vision. Your conviction is strengthened and your decision making is faster. Your goal will be your glue that will keep you from shattering in the face of difficulties.

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If you ask yourself the question “What is the one essential thing I can do in my life that would have the most impact for the world and make everything else easier or even unnecessary“, you will go back to the basics to give your life a purpose.

By having a purpose in life, you will know where to go. Setting priorities means knowing how to get there. Every day, we all have a choice to make. You may ask yourself :

  • What am I going to do today ?
  • What should I do ?

Even if you have no purpose or direction, what you “are going to do” will still get you somewhere. With a set direction, you will always have things “to do“, but you will go where you need to go. By having a purpose in life, your priorities change.

Without priorities, the goal is meaningless. Purpose has the power to shape your life only as high as the priority you give it.

Once you understand that your past is only an “ancient immediacy” and that your future is a potential immediacy then you know that you can only work on the immediate.

Economists know that most people have a preference for immediate rewards rather than deferred rewards. Deferred rewards have higher rewards.

The farther in the future a reward is in the future, the more the immediate motivation to achieve it is reduced

Define your essentials to find your immediate goal

Your big essential is your goal and your little essential is your current priority. For the most productive people, their goal is their compass. They are guided by their goal to determine the priority of their actions. This is the most direct path to obtain convincing results.

Your goal, your priority and your productivity is only the tip of the iceberg. The best companies build one productive person after another. The most productive people get more reward for their work.

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La vie n’est pas faite pour se découvrir mais pour se créer


Your future successful results will depend on your ability to chain powerful moments together, one after the other like a cascade of dominoes. Your priorities determine your present immediacy and the following ones. You need a simple way to think about your future goals to get closer to them. By determining the right priority, you’ll know them for yourself. Finding your right priority is finding your immediate goal.

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Determining your immediate goal for obtain convincing results means considering your objective before attacking what you need to do immediately.

You need to learn to think big while acting punctually

What you need to keep in mind in order to obtain convincing results :

  1. You must have one essential : This is the most important thing you can do now. Even if you have many priorities, there is bound to be one thing that is more important than the others. That’s your essential.
  2. Determine your immediate goal : In order to obtain convincing results, you will need to identify all the steps in between.
  3. Write down your objectives for action : Keep them handy like on your fridge or posted in your room.

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