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My 3 habits to be Zen on a daily basis

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This article is part of the event “3 habits essential to be Zen in everyday life” of the french blog Habitudes Zen. I really appreciate this blog, and in fact my favorite article is “12 petits pas pour vaincre votre stress

Have fun in what you do to unleash your potential

The school, like most jobs, has the vices of cultivating individuality and conformity. The most serious of them is that often the pleasure is unprofessional. This is how economic utility comes before fulfilment.

This lack of meaning often gives way to unhealthy places where humans get bored and gradually rot in their psychology. Workplaces that have become soulless under the pretext of productivity and performance.

A lack of meaning that can be explained by our societies which consider themselves civilized under the pretext that they have running water and electricity.

Based on this observation, it seems important to me, to me, to see the public utility of reappropriating work through play. An excellent habit is to work hard for something you love. It is about cultivating and watching your passion grow day after day.

Here is the first of my 3 habits to stay zen and move forward in complete serenity.

You have to play to get serious


Geeks learn and for them to play = enjoy. Not blossoming in one’s work makes individuals distorted. And for good reason, in nature playing is the most common form among mammals.

Learning through play is a deliberate and prolonged practice. Motivation is intrasectional while in the workplace it is often extrasectional. Finally, through play, it is possible to maintain attention beyond the usual limits.

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Have a clear vision to achieve your state of the art

Here is my second method of my 3 habits to stay zen. It is based on simplifying action and a little organization. Thus, I remain efficient and focused on each of them.

En effectuant de petites actions simples et en douceur, elles vous emmèneront vers le succès. Résoudre au départ de petits problèmes, c’est s’épargner pas mal de stress.

My 3 Zen habits: keep your mind like the water of the lake

Be relaxed and balanced in a clear mind to react appropriately

To ensure that your ambitions are met, you need to set modest and progressive goals. The constraints and pitfalls encountered along the way should not be underestimated.

To support productivity without stress, it is important to be clear about the expected result and the action to be taken. By being up to date on the next actions to be performed, you will release energy to perform them.

As you go along, you will develop feelings of freedom, relief and inspiration. The more you build your vision, the more confident you will be in your ability to manage it.

In karate, the image of the mind as the water of a lake is used to define total control. This representation in martial arts is a reflection of muscle. The more tense he is, the slower your movements are.

Make lists to free yourself from important things to do. It is useless to think twice about the same thing.

Practice physical exercises

Here is the last of my 3 habits to be Zen. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money or time in physical activity. Personally, I prefer to practice at home at any time with a flexible schedule. This way, I can divide my exercises at different times of the day.

There are many small exercises that are quite simple and effective without having to invest in bulky equipment. Training at home eliminates the need to go to a gym and have all the potential excuses for not going to one.

3 habits to be Zen: Exercise to help you stay Zen

Physical activity allows you to secrete endorphin, a hormone related to well-being

Sport has certain advantages such as :

  • The anxiolytic effect that reduces emotions and negative sensations.
  • The analgesic effect that reduces the sensation of pain.
  • The anti-fatigue effect that limits shortness of breath to effort and exhaustion.

Without realizing it, physical activity can be varied. You have the physical activities when you travel, such as going shopping, picking up mail, walking your dog, etc. Functional physical activities such as bed making, cleaning, etc.

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