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How to find the lever for entrepreneurship ?

levier pour entreprendre

All entrepreneurs need a lever for entrepreneurship, i.e. to increase their productivity and their impact. Many entrepreneurs simply find themselves in a job that is more flexible than an office job, without necessarily being better and sometimes even more stressful.

An entrepreneur can find himself overwhelmed by his own success

He is overwhelmed with a sprawling management that leaves him no respite, nor time to make any kind of creation. He is in a daily crisis situation.

Believing that success is a “reward” is a psychological limit that actually sabotages success. A limiting thought that is to believe that success is a proof of merit that will make you bitter when you fail and arrogant when you succeed.

lever for entrepreneurship: the trophy

Building systems that work for you is not so easy because otherwise everyone would do it.

On the other hand, the absence of systems can make your business in a state of infernal chaos. You will lose time and your joy of life. The timing for its implementation is crucial because, too soon, it will be a bureaucracy lacking flexibility.

To rationalize to the extreme, there would be 2 ways to fail for 2 types of contractors :

  • Either the person goes headfirst. Once he or she achieves success, he or she becomes unwillingly incapable of setting up a system. They find themselves carrying the full weight of their business.
  • Or the person falls in love with the idea and creates complicated systems even where it is absolutely unnecessary.

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E-mail marketing, can sometimes be underestimated, by saying that no one reads their e-mails anymore and instead use more “trendy” tactics that social networks represent.

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Another lever for entrepreneurship is subcontracting. But beware because it is dangerous to use it too early. If you don’t know anything about the targeted field such as marketing, it is rare that a freelancer will be able to sell your product better than you.

The 5 levels of leverage for entrepreneurship and increase your impact

Leverage is in mechanics, which makes it possible to amplify your effort. Nowadays, the most basic thing for an entrepreneur is to be present on the internet because your message can be multiplied infinitely.

Leverage in your business is what allows you to increase the impact of your efforts

Hundreds of years ago, a salesperson was limited by his or her ability to create a persuasive message, whereas today, thanks to videos, your own site and social networks, you can reach the whole world.

The other particularly powerful lever is the construction of systems that, once in place, will do the work for you. More often than not, you will have the 2 levers for entrepreneurship the following :

  • Software that automates your tasks
  • An organization made up of people who follow established procedures

In reality, your success will simply depend on what you can bring to your market. Your entrepreneurial leverage will also be the key to increasing your income and personal freedom.

Before you want to automate a process, you must first make sure it works

Before industrializing content creation, you need to identify what people want to watch. Before setting up an automatic sales system, you need to make sure that your sales pitch works.

If you automate too early, you risk multiplying errors, whereas if you do it at the right time, you will increase the impact of your actions.

leverage for entrepreneurship: setting up systems

Each time you have to check the right formula. Everything is a balancing act where you are going to experiment continuously. As soon as you have checked what works, set up a system that can do the job for you.

In the same way, if you want to sell training online, in automatic, you must start with individual coaching. This way, you will discover in depth what your customers need and whether they are willing to pay.

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There are 5 levels that you must master one by one in order to move on to the next level :

  • Level 1 “Working for a fixed salary” : Your leverage is simply to work more.
  • Level 2 “Working for performance” : Your leverage is to increase your skills.
  • Level 3 “Automate your tasks” : Your leverage is to use technological tools.
  • Level 4 “Delegate your tasks” : Your leverage is to build a team.
  • Level 5 “Invest to diversify” : Your leverage is to invest your money in other businesses to deploy your capital.

Lever for entrepreneurship – 4 levers you can put in place right now

You need to separate your two entrepreneurial roles :

  • You are “your first employee” who performs daily tasks
  • You are a creator who invents and optimizes systems

As you develop your business, you will improve your employee tasks with systems to put all your energy into creating new systems. A system can be embodied by either tools or people who have the right procedures to follow. It can take years to get there.

Don’t work IN your business but ON your business

Before you send them there in the first place, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty and get to the bottom of things to understand the problem you’re trying to solve.

It only makes sense to replicate ad infinitum what already works on a small scale

There are 2 types of contractors :

  • Whoever goes headfirst
  • He who falls in love with his ideas

In both cases, you need to get your hands dirty first to understand what works to automate it via systems. It’s a great lever for entrepreneurship and for conquering the world.

Develop your deep skills

The other lever for entrepreneurship is to develop your in-depth skills characterized by these 3 keys :

  • It’s rare : It’s difficult to replace you.
  • It’s valuable : You are able to help a company increase its profits either by spending or selling more.
  • It’s transferable : You can choose the most profitable projects.

You will have a powerful lever for entrepreneurship with these 3 keys.

If you start your business today, you’ll have a few years ahead of you to be in a position to invest in other businesses. For now, your only challenge is to focus on what you’re facing today.

Improve the structure of your emails

Another lever for entrepreneurship, the structure of your emails :

  • Start your email with an explanation for your reader of how you will solve a problem.
  • Each of your messages must provide the solution to a specific problem of your reader and at the same time deepen your relationship.
  • Create anticipation on the following emails

Improve your sales pitch

With regard to your sales pitch as a lever for entrepreneurship, you should apply :

  • How your product works
  • Show examples of results after using your product
  • Tell your story
  • Invite the reader to ask questions
  • Promote in a limited time

You can do like Tim Ferris and imagine that you are writing a personal message to an acquaintance about your product.

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Automate your actions

You can start by looking for time-saving opportunities to automate and replace your tasks one by one. Here are a few examples of leverage for getting started :

  • You can start with a trial freelancer or you can start with just a few hours of work per week. Even if it doesn’t work the first time, you’ll gain experience as a manager and you’ll have more time to focus on sales and marketing. In any case, even if it doesn’t work with this person, tell yourself that you’ll only have lost a little money at the exchange rate.
  • Once you have a solid foundation, you can hire an SEO expert in Facebook advertising or copywriting to strengthen your business.

You must never do the same thing twice

To go further…

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