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3 options to build your irresistible offer

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If you’re wondering how to build an irresistible offer that will hit the bull’s eye every time, then you’ve come to the right place! Know how to identify the 4 elements that make up your offer, and I’ll show you the principle for making your offer irresistible

The 4 elements that make up your offer

The client is a person who is smarter than you think and doesn’t want to show it. So, if your sales message seems too complicated or requires too much effort to convince him to take the plunge, then he’ll move on.

The difficulty for a novice entrepreneur is that it is difficult for him to detach himself from his point of view. It is difficult for him to adopt his client’s point of view. Very often, he makes the following 2 mistakes :

  1. He thinks he’s going to get the same enthusiasm from everyone
  2. He thinks that his offer will have to be “fair” and “equitable” in order for it to be rationally considered and finally accepted

By combining these two ways of thinking, you would simply let customers go without ever understanding why he never comes back.

The most important question you have to ask yourself is :

How can I convince my clients with an irresistible offer when they are already bombarded with advertising messages and offers and when they are likely to run out of energy after a hard day’s work ?

Before proposing a few solutions to build your offer, it is important to understand that the offer and the product are very different concepts :

The offer is characterized by 4 elements of presentation made to the customer :

  • Explain to the client “the element” that we are going to deliver : The offer is the presentation and description of the product or service. If the customer decides now, the presentation of bonuses will be part of it.
  • You will detail “how” the product or service will be delivered : The offer will be different if you have your product in stock than if you have to order from a supplier with a delivery time. It will be the same if the product is only available in the shop as if you offer delivery directly on site.
  • Specify clearly “how much” your customer will have to pay.

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  • Indicate “how” he or she will have to pay : For this, it will be necessary to specify :
    • The method(s) of payment : By credit transfer, cash, cheque, SEPA European direct debit or cryptographic transfer.
    • The deadline for payment : Will the payment be made on the day of delivery of the product or as a deferred payment ? However the latter option is not recommended.
    • Payment methods : will the amount have to be paid in full when the order is placed or can the amount be spread out with penalties ? You must include “satisfied or refunded” guarantees and trial offers.

All human beings are stressed and disillusioned at one time or another. They’ve been given great promises and have been deceived in the past. As a result, they will have neither the time to analyse in detail what you offer them, nor the envy to do so. That is why your offer must be irresistible.

The 4x/2x principle to show that your offer is irresistible

According to the author and inventor Marc Joyner, the first criterion of this principle is to demonstrate to the client that he will obtain a significant return on investment, both financially and emotionally.

The 4x/2x principle is as follows :

By giving your customers 4 times more value then you can charge twice as much for your product or service

Here’s an example, imagine you have to choose between :

  • 1 vanilla ice cream that costs you 1 euro.
  • 4 vanilla ice creams for the price of 2 euros.

Like you, since I love vanilla ice cream, I choose the second option because it offers a better quantity/price ratio.

You now understand the importance of providing your customers with at least 4 times more value than the original price. Here is another example. If you charge 400 euros for your offer, then your customer must generate at least 1600 euros of value for your offer to become irresistible.

Before announcing your final price, you can use these magic words “The total value of my offer is…”. Your price will seem tiny to your client compared to its perceived value. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to close your sale.

Here are 3 options at your disposal to create your irresistible offer :

  1. Option One : It is inexpensive and will allow you to increase your perceived value by adding information to your offer. You can add information products delivered via the internet requiring few technical means as for an “audio seminar”. You can use the dictaphone function of your phone to do this. You can also create “a practical guide” or “an explanatory manual” to be transcribed into a text file in printable PDF format. Without being an expert in a field, you can use an interview with an expert to extract summary sheets, an audio file or a video.
  2. Second option : Look for bonuses from a third party company. Many companies may favorably offer you free copies of their product or service to incorporate into your offer. You can continually negotiate free products (books, mobile games, etc.) to allow other companies to make themselves known to a qualified audience at your location.
  3. Third option : Separate secondary reasons for purchase into bonuses. To do this, you analyze your market research.

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With this method, you can discover problems in your customers that are more important than others. Instead of putting these separate answers into a single product, you can separate them by offering a main product up to 1000 euros and add as a bonus another product worth 500 euros for example.

With this approach you provide greater clarity while doubling the perceived value.

In short, you know you have to put yourself in your client’s shoes. 4 elements make up your offer :

  • Explain to the customer the “element” that you will deliver to him
  • Detail “how” the product or service will be delivered
  • Specify “how much” your client will have to pay
  • Indicate “how” your client will pay

Now you know the 4x/2x principle of giving 4 times more value to your client. From then on, you will be able to charge twice as much for your offer because it will be irresistible 😉

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