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How to succeed in sale by persuasion ?

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Even if you’ve never worked in sales, mastering even partial persuasion and sales techniques can sometimes prevent you from losing control of the situation. How to suceed in sale ?

Without ethical persuasion, it will be difficult to achieve success and maintain control of the situation.

In reality, the principle of selling is part of our daily life as in the following situations :

  • You sell to your contact person that your ideas are good
  • You sell your children on the importance of brushing their teeth and doing their homework.
  • A teacher will sell the importance of education to his students
  • A lawyer will sell his client’s innocence to the jury…
  • A politician will sell the importance of going to the polls to his constituents…
How to succeed in sale : teaching your child the importance of persuasion

Sales techniques are omnipresent in both private and professional life and concern all areas.

To this question, how to succeed in sale ? It involves negotiation. An entrepreneur may seek to convince an investor to provide funds. Or he might try to convince an investor to provide him with funds :

  • Negotiating a new interest rate
  • Negotiate better terms with your supplier
  • and so on.

How to succeed in sale and be persuasive ?

Very often, people flee from selling like the plague, even though they are aware that the selling process is a determining factor in the production of wealth.

Even if you feel comfortable with the idea of being able to persuade your interviewer to buy something from you. If your prospect doesn’t trust you, then there’s no chance he’ll place an order. Conversely, if he is so eager to buy your product, he will take action with another salesperson he trusts.

Imagine that you have made a flawless presentation to a highly qualified prospect. Your product resolves a deep frustration in your prospect and that he is 100% convinced by your product.

Do you think your prospect will place an order ? The answer is maybe.

Now, imagine that your prospect has not only been convinced by your product, but also trusts you completely.

Do you think your prospect will place an order ? The answer still be maybe.

There is one last point, as long as your prospect does not have absolute confidence in your company then you have no chance of closing the sale.

At this stage the question of how to make a success of one is still valid because another difficulty awaits you.

Individuals are guided by their logical arguments. The brain is analytical by nature and the more information you give it, the more it wants. Therefore, if you give your prospect a high level of logical certainty, he will be able to tell you:

“That sounds great, but let me think about it.”

“I’ll do some research and get back to you.”

3 levels of sales and persuasion to be mastered

The approach of saying that all sales are the same and valid because despite all the individual aspects that exist, there are 3 key elements that need to be brought together in the minds of your prospects. You need to bring them all together to have a chance of him doing business with you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s :

  • Face to face
  • By phone
  • Your prospect’s budget
  • The selling price
  • The sales technique

If one of the keys is missing then there is virtually no chance of getting it right.

Beforehand, your prospect must be certain that your product is useful to him. Your product must eliminate his frustrations and meet his needs and be at the right price.

Jordan Belfort explains his concept of the “continuum of certainty” to know how to succeed in sale :

Absolute doubt 1 ———————————- Doubt ————————————–>10 Absolute certainty

  • Your prospect is at 10 : He loves your product and there’s no doubt in his mind that he does.
  • Your prospect is at 1 : He is in absolute doubt about the effectiveness and value of your product. He despises your product and it will be difficult to make him change his mind.
  • Your prospect is at 5 : He has no opinion on your product. It’s as if he’s carrying a sign.

Please, I can’t make up my mind, persuade me !

Your prospect’s confidence in your product

When your prospect is at 5, it is because he is in a state of total indecision with regard to your product. On the other hand, this does not mean that you have a 50% chance of closing the sale.

  • Your prospect is at 3 : He will basically think your product is “crap” but not as much as at 1.
  • Your prospect is at 7 : He thinks your product is good but not as good as at 10.

However in these 2 cases, you must not forget 2 things :

  • Firstly : your prospect’s doubts and certainties are not frozen in time.
  • Second: You don’t have a greater probability of closing a sale whether you’re at one or the other of these levels.

The present level of your prospect remains the present level, it is not fixed and your prospect is just waiting to be persuaded

Of course, the closer your prospect gets to 10 thanks to your efforts, the more likely you are to close the sale. Conversely, the further away your prospect is from 10, the less chance you have of closing the sale. The reason is that all human beings make their decision with what are called “positive expectations“.

A normally constituted person will never buy anything if he thinks it will ruin his life. He will only buy your product or service if he thinks it will improve his life. However, even if a person has positive expectations, this does not necessarily mean that the decision will have positive consequences for him or her.

You’ll need to make sure your prospect doesn’t think your product is “nameless crap“. It will be a matter of convincing him or her to hopefully close the sale.

Your prospect’s confidence in you

As we have seen previously, your prospect will produce a degree of certainty for your product. Then his or her degree of certainty will swing as to how your prospect feels about you.

Based on victories, defeats, beliefs, opinions, experiences, strategies and doubts, he will make his decision based on all these factors. This is how the brain will, at the speed of light, establish a link with a past scenario.

Depending on the result, a decision will be made as to the degree of certainty score from 0 to 10, which is the starting point from which it is possible to be persuaded.

To know how to make a successful sale, it is necessary to know that there are 2 types of certainties :

  • Logical certainty : It is based essentially on the intellectual consistency of your words. Ask yourself the following questions :
    • Will the product features, numbers, benefits and long-term value proposition match your prospect ?
    • Does your thesis or idea make sense to them ?
    • Does your service or product meet your prospect’s needs ?
    • Is your price consistent with the competition ?
    • Does the cost-benefit ratio make your product or service a good deal ?

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As soon as your prospect is convinced by the logic of your product, it means that he or she can examine your sales pitch without finding the slightest flaw in your presentation. This way, he will be able to repeat it to a third party and perhaps even convince him.

  • Emotional certainty : It is based on a belief or instinct that something must be positive. Once a person is convinced, he or she will feel a craving that just needs to be satisfied even if the price to pay for satisfying it is high.

You must take into account these 2 certainties which are absolutely crucial if you want to succeed in closing a sale almost every time.

Deal with your prospect’s logical and emotional certainty

To stay in control of every situation in life that involves an exchange and to know how to succeed in sale, you need to maintain the art of communication.

Your prospect must have the certainty of liking your product

Here are the 3 levels of certainty to have a chance to sell something to your prospect :

  1. The product, concept or idea
  2. Yourself, the trust that we have in you and the feeling that we have against you
  3. Your prospect’s trust for your business

If you want your prospect to answer YES when you ask him if he wants to place an order then he will have to be the closest to 10 on these 2 aspects :

  • You (your prospect must have a good feeling about you)
  • Your product

To succeed in convincing your prospect emotionally, then you need to present them with a vision of the future in which when they buy your product, they will visualize themselves using it and feel all the positive effects.

how to succeed in sale : convincing emotionally

It’s a bit like if you’re going to broadcast a post-purchase film, as attractive as possible for your prospect. This way, he will be able to feel all the benefits “right away” and all the well-being your prospect will get from it.

To obtain a high transformation rate, you must use both types of certainties in your prospects :

  • The logical certainty
  • Emotional certainty

You will guide your prospect using these 2 aspects from the beginning of the sale to its conclusion

To go further…

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