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How to find customers online ?

comment trouver des clients

If you’ve started your business, you’re probably asking yourself, “How to find customers ?“. To succeed in finding your first customers, you will have to succeed in capturing the attention and convincing your prospects.

If you don’t know how to sell and you just want to grab the attention of thousands of people then it will only serve to boost your ego. Conversely, if you have a great product with a very good sales pitch but no traffic, you won’t be able to sell it.

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It must be acknowledged that “persuasion” is a difficult part. It’s like trying to convince your skeptical avatar by bringing a new way to solve a deep-seated problem. And that’s not all, you’re going to have to be persuasive enough to convince your potential client to give you money without having met you in person, or even knowing who you really are !

Many entrepreneurs are launching their sites and despair of not seeing visitors coming in droves even though they have been working on their project for months.

Your target customer is probably present on many sites. Some traffic sources have become very competitive. You can evaluate these different sources of traffic to gauge how long it may take you to break through.

Here are some of the main sources of traffic :

  • SEO referencing
  • Content platforms
  • Paid traffic sources (Facebook ads and Google adwords)
  • Traffic diversion (Interview, newsjacking, clickbait, guest articles, etc…)

It will be impossible for you to be good everywhere. Be aware that you will have to invest considerable effort to become a good professional and it is unlikely that you will be able to be good everywhere. Especially if you try, from the start, to multiply the sources of traffic. You will most likely be average everywhere when you could have been excellent on one or two traffic sources.

How to find customers : Different strategies to choose for success

Your mission if you accept it resides on 2 main tasks :

  • You must be able to capture the attention of qualified prospects.
  • You must be able to convince these prospects to buy your product or service.

Don’t expect your client to make the effort to come and get you

To be successful in answering the question “How to find customers ?” it is not a question of being right. Two entrepreneurs with different strategies may both be right. To find your success, you will need to develop strong skills in one or more traffic sources of your choice. Your success will depend on the daily tasks you put in place and your natural abilities.

Here are the traffic sources you can adopt :

Referencing on Google SEO

This skill works in just about every business and placing your site at the top of the search results can take several years.The traffic is highly qualified
Potential traffic volumes are high
Once your site is established, you will have little work to do compared to other strategies.
You’ll never know exactly what works
Results are slow in coming
There remains a risk of traffic penalties by Google without any possible recourse and without explanation

Content platforms

People who use these platforms may come across your content by “chance” and if they like it, you can build loyalty by offering them to subscribe.You can reach high traffic volumes
Once your audience is established through your email list your business will be virtually indestructible.
Winning your first 100 subscribers can take a long time and many people get discouraged.
Creative work can sometimes give way to a certain procrastination
Negative comments can exacerbate your vulnerability.
Creative tasks are difficult to delegate

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You have instant access to an almost infinite audience (Facebook Ads and Google ADwords)Huge traffic is instantly accessible
You can find profiles similar to your audience
You can make it easier to buy your product with the retargeting feature
Increasingly expensive and requiring more and more optimization of your marketing to be profitable
You may have the unpleasant surprise to find that overnight your account has been banned for no apparent reason.

Traffic diversion

A whole range of strategies to insert you where an audience is already established to divert a portion of traffic to yours:
write a guest article
conduct an interview
newsjacking: persuading other bloggers or journalists hungry for content to talk about you
the clickbait: talking about a personality or a trendy subject to attract clicks
It will require little effort and can bring you a lot of money.It doesn’t always work

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You’re going to pay another influencer to put your product on the map:
you can display your banner directly on another site in your niche by contacting the webmaster.
you can sponsor a podcast
you can offer a commission on each sale generated
and so on.
This allows you to increase your traffic volume.This will become difficult to manage if you have ten or more partners…
You can’t explode your traffic volume like with paid traffic.

It will be wiser for you to bet on a small scale on this or that strategy. There is no guarantee in advance that they will be effective. You can monitor the results by testing your assumptions :

  • Is it working as expected ?
  • What can you improve during your desert crossing ?

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  • Do you have new ideas or new opportunities ?
  • How long are you willing to wait for your strategy to work ?
  • With this strategy, how much traffic can you expect ?

You have a choice of “How to find customers ?” :

  • Either you take the risk of facing a platform where it’s difficult to break through
  • Either you’re aiming for faster results

It’s not about being right, your goal is to identify THE source of the traffic that will get you off the ground. You can test several in parallel to measure the results and abandon what doesn’t work for you. That’s how you’ll manage to double your efforts on what remains as promising to explode your business.

To go further…

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