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Stay focused on the essential for success

Rester concentré sur l'essentiel

The world is full of opportunities thanks to constant technological developments. But it’s easy to get lost in it and not stay focused on the essential. We are bombarded with information every day and have many more choices to make than our ancestors. We can feel like we’re drowning under the pressure of all this.

To get results, the starting point is to be able to stay focused on the essentials. While this may seem like a simplistic idea, it is an effective way of looking at success.

Knowing how to stay focused on the essential thanks to a passion or a person

Some companies have been extraordinarily successful with a single product or service that has brought them more revenue and reputation than anything else.

For example Google, its main focus is the rental of advertising space for search on their directory. This is their main source of income.

Until you’ve found your essential, then all you have to do is find out what product or service can embody it. Finding your essential can manifest itself in different ways. One person can be at the origin of it because no one invents himself.

There is only one essential thing. Many things are important, but one thing is most important


Albert Einstein, at the age of 10, discovered through his first mentor Max Talmud the key texts of the mathematics of science and philosophy. To keep young Albert, Max will come to dinner once a week.

A person whose presence is sentimental or professional can train, guide, and supervise your development.

Competence and passion are closely linked. A passion or skill can appear in any successful person. Some have an acquired ability or express an intense emotion that drives them forward.

Staying focused on the essential is developing a passion. It is this passion that leads to learning a skill in the first place. Over time, this expertise progresses, sometimes devoting a disproportionate amount of time to it. By obtaining better results, we obtain a pleasure that remains the driving force behind an even greater investment.

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Success requires dedication to a single goal


To achieve success in your goal, you must apply yourself to staying focused on the essential things in your work and life. Little by little, you will promote the domino effect.

Finding the essentials to trigger the domino effect

It is quite simple to knock down dominoes. All you have to do is line them up and give the first one a flick. Even so, you have to admit that life does not indicate the starting point and rarely aligns all the pieces.

Each domino has a small amount of potential energy. It is possible to trigger a chain reaction of astonishing power just by a simple flick of the wrist. A domino can knock down an object 50 times larger than itself.

A domino effect can be applied to an overall situation as well as at work. Success feeds on another success to reach new heights :

  • People who have accumulated knowledge as they go along are called scholars.
  • Skilled people have developed knowledge over the years and the most accomplished have built up their knowledge little by little.
  • Those who earned their money day after day became the richest.

Success is attainable if you set the right priorities and invest all your energy in getting the basics done. To achieve extraordinary results, all you have to do is create a domino effect.

Stay focused on the essential to trigger a domino effect

Every day, you must realign your priorities and find your first domino by tapping it lightly so that it falls and do the same for the following ones. Success is created over time in a sequential manner but one thing at a time.

For most people, success requires spending a lot of time with tasks that are complicated. That’s how we find ourselves drowned and crushed under a ton of things to do. You get lost in wanting to do too much. We begin to compromise to finally do little. Little by little, one reduces one’s ambitions to finally give up one’s dreams.

When we disperse, we exhaust ourselves because our potential is limited by time. To want to do too much and to charge your life, the consequences become negative :

  • Halftone results
  • Overwork
  • Less time for family and friends
  • Deadlines exceeded
  • etc.

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Cultivate minimalism to better remain focused on the essential

The secret is to minimize. It’s ignoring everything you could do and prioritizing everything you need to do. It’s identifying what is most important and recognizing that not everyone is equally important. By being minimalist, you will make a direct connection between what you want and what you do. You may find that extraordinary results depend in part on how much you can ignore.

Doing less is subtracting instead of adding. You will focus on all the tasks that will have the most effect, not those that will have side effects. Even if it works, trying to do too much always has negative consequences.

Minimalism is an approach to achieving extraordinary results that works everywhere, in all areas and all the time. The reason for this success is simply because it brings you back to basics. You will be able to reduce to a single task. By trimming all the superfluous, your one and only task will be your essential.

It will be easier for you to focus on your goal by practicing minimalist task management. When you want to put all the chances on your side, no matter what the field, your approach must always be the same: minimize. It is easier to succeed when you do little but well.

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To summarize how to stay focused on the essential :

  • You need to find out which product or service can embody your essential
  • Since no one does it alone, there is someone who can help you find it.
  • Finding one’s passion is also finding one’s essential.
  • Keeping your time and activities to a minimum is essential.
  • By realigning each of your priorities, you will promote the domino effect that will lead you to success.

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