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Find a business idea with passion

Trouver une idée de business

Many “strokes of genius” have emerged in the course of another activity or during an exchange with another person. In one of these situations, the opportunity you’ve been looking for for a long time is obvious.

Chances are your first idea doesn’t work out the way you originally imagined. As for many people before you, this first attempt will at least have the merit of getting you into the game. It’s the whole paradox of ideas :

  • When you want to find a business idea to get started, you look for it like a golden nugget but you can’t find it.
  • When you already have a business, you find a lot of business ideas like deposits without really having to make an effort to look for them.

A certain approach to marketing centers around “desire” by simply asking the following question : What is my client’s desire ? In this sense, the whole game is going to be about creating desire. But this is the same as wanting to deal with an unsatisfied “problem“. Instead of “an unsatisfied problem“, it will be “an unsatisfied desire“. Nevertheless, there is a good reason to deal with a problem rather than a desire:

Pain is more motivating than pleasure

You can use the D-U-R (Painful, Urgent and Recognized) approach to put your idea to the test :

  • Painful : You are going to favour those who feel the greatest suffering from those who do not suffer from it on a daily basis. Imagine that you are selling a training to improve productivity. You are going to start by approaching a particularly overwhelmed audience such as medical students, entrepreneurs or mother entrepreneurs, etc…
  • Urgent : This is choosing the most urgent problem your prospects are facing. For example, among seduction coaches, many have been able to sell “How to get your ex back” because they were experiencing immediate and deep suffering. This approach proves much more effective than “How to make your relationship stronger” because there is no immediate pain to resolve.
  • Recognized : It’s choosing a target who will already be aware of his problem and consider it important enough. For example, if you have a product to sell related to education, start by selling it to “parents” before you want to address everyone.

Know that you have the opportunity to combine a business idea with a passion.

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Your business idea should not only be a hobby, it should be a combination of these 3 factors :

  • Your work must be useful : If you meet all the conditions of the “D-U-R” concept then your work will be useful is validated by all those who suffer from it.
  • You must be good at what you do : The more time and attention you give to an area, the better you will improve.
  • You need to have control over your projects and the teams around you : This will probably be the case when you set up your business.

We rarely come across an “opportunity” by chance to find a business idea. The unexpected event that could change everything is quite rare unless it is provoked. Even if you start by making “a list of original business ideas“, your first idea, as great as it may seem on paper, probably won’t survive the first time in the real world.

Moreover, wanting to find the most original idea at all costs can be considered a beginner’s mistake. A business is driven by the needs of your customers while a passion is a source of personal pleasure.

You may even be obsessed with your own desires :

  • Living from your passion
  • Getting rich
  • Leaving your job

So much so that you will forget what your customers are looking for and end up failing. People act according to their own point of view but not yours.

The more time you spend being overwhelmed by your success, the less time you will spend worrying about your customers and the less likely you are to be successful

Focus on those who have a real need rather than those who don’t care

A “problem” or “need” in marketing is defined from the point of view of the person who sees it. You need to understand their motivation. The “problem” will depend on the individual, since for one person, they will have a major “need” for a solution while for another, they will not care at all.

Most of the time when you dig into the origin of a “genius idea“, you will discover that :

  1. The creators weren’t actually that great ! Very often their idea is a copy of an existing concept.
  2. The successful version only came into being through contact with the real world. They were able to understand a potential user’s blockages by observing their behaviour.

Many entrepreneurs end up identifying a new opportunity at the heart of a failure.

You can use a passion that uses your talents and gives you control over your life. It’s compatible with your upstream market analysis.

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But instead of exploiting a fleeting passion that is part of a fleeting emotion, you can start by developing skills to solve someone else’s problem. Once you see the impact of your work, the passion will come and you will always enjoy exercising that skill in which you excel.

2 ways to find a business idea that works

The 4 ways to make a business idea work :

  • Adapting an already proven concept : Since a good idea is very rarely 100% original, it is better to adapt the wheel than to want to reinvent it.
  • Launch your idea to see the result in the real world : This is the only way to know if your idea will work.
  • You can use and use the feedback from your first users to make your initial idea evolve. Your users will help you to improve it and it will probably not be the same when it arrives.
  • You will discover new opportunities : You will open new doors, meet new people and learn new skills.
find a business idea : find a good business idea

You have 2 ways to come up with an idea :

  • You’ve identified a problem that you can solve : You’ve experienced a problem yourself and all you have to do is ask yourself the following question:

What would I have liked to have had at that time to solve my problem ?

  • You’ve identified a problem with someone else : You’ve understood your future client’s need. This requires a good sense of observation and some knowledge of human psychology.

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Find a business idea but a good one is a problem that you can solve in a unique way. In this definition, there are 2 elements :

  • Your client has a problem to solve.
  • You can offer your customers a solution that is faster, cheaper or better than your competitors.

It is always possible for an entrepreneur to propose an “innovative” solution to a problem, but it will only be useful if it solves your prospect’s problem better than your competitors already do.

To solve a problem of sufficient magnitude, you need to identify a deep pain. As we have seen previously, you can use the “D-U-R” concept to help you identify a Painful, Urgent and Recognized problem.

  • Painful : The problem must cause your prospect emotional or physical pain. For example, those who sell personal development coaching may prefer to target those who are unable to express themselves behind a microphone or camera.
  • Urgent : The more immediate the problem, the more motivated we are to solve it because we are procrastinators by nature. That’s why diet programs sell so well. The problem jumps out at you when you step on the scale and even though you know you need to eat more vegetables, you wait for the scale to decide that it’s time to take action for a change.
  • Recognized : Your client needs to be aware of his or her problem and see it as important. It’s hard enough and work hard enough to convince your client that you have the solution to his problem that it’s futile to add an additional difficulty by addressing an individual who must be convinced that his problem exists beforehand.

Your passion, a business idea ?

Many difficulties that you will have to overcome will get in your way such as :

  • A customer who fires you by e-mail by putting his finger on one of your deep insecurities.
  • Technical problems with traffic that plunges for no apparent reason.

Many are tempted to give up, but passion will help you overcome your difficulties and persevere. You will be able to work harder and become more persuasive and in time you will understand your market better. However, you need to know that you will be in a business more than a passion to get your business off the ground. You will need to spend time on sales, marketing and everything else.

To go further…

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