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Discipline – Advice and 6 qualities that you will develop


It’s 8:00 p.m., I just finished my day’s work. I know I have to move forward on my personal project that I want to pursue once I get back. I arrive home and my phone keeps ringing. I pick up the phone, the calls go on and on and I enjoyed talking, but here I am, I finally didn’t do anything with my evening.

Here is an example, which comes to many of us who have goals and have difficulty moving forward or simply not. By procrastination, lack of discipline that ends our motivation.

Some tips to discipline and motivate yourself !

Let’s start by distinguishing discipline from motivation :

  • Motivation is a set of factors that lead to the achievement of an objective or activity.
  • Discipline is the set of rules of conduct required to support an objective.

Discipline and motivation both feed each other. To maintain your motivation over time, you will need to find routines and work habits. Your routines will be defined and predictable sequences of tasks. Your work habits will be made up of your ability because of your experience to carry out the action.

discipline: having a specific goal

To discipline yourself, you’ll have to define a specific goal !

Otherwise, you will remain in the absence of a valid reason, an incentive to take action. Most often disciplined people don’t force themselves to get up early, eat healthy or be productive, they just like it.

The more ambitious your goal, the greater your success will be. Nevertheless, its failure, even temporary, will have great potential to be realized. But know that it is better to take direct action and think about it afterwards so as not to risk never to start anything.

Here are some examples of objectives:

  • Change jobs
  • Quitting smoking
  • Losing weight
  • There is no shortage of objectives…

Other sub-objectives may support the ultimate objective, such as :

  • Read a book every month related to our new job
  • Going to an electronic cigarette shop
  • Thirty minutes of cycling every morning
  • Sub-objectives can be very numerous and may further support your ultimate goal.

6 qualities that you will develop with discipline

  • Knowing how to separate failure from personality : When you decide to develop a new discipline, it takes many failures before you can achieve it. It is not easy to change overnight whether you are addicted to video games, porn, alcoholics or even lazy. It is all our small steps that make us who we are and that will have an impact on what we will become.
  • Accept the failures of its beginnings : When you lose, in reality you benefit from having learned something about yourself. Change takes time and that is what makes us human, defective and imperfect. As Winston Churchill said:

To succeed is to go from failure to failure in order to succeed

  • Knowing how to make your discipline fun : By generating pleasure and positive emotions, you stimulate your brain. Thus, friction is reduced with this approach in the learning method and attention is maintained longer.
make your discipline fun

Making an activity fun is the best way to learn

  • Self-confidence : It is acquired and built through work. Often, at first, we have the negative and limiting thought that the obstacle seems impassable to us. Then, with each brick removed from this wall, the obstacle decreases until it can be crossed and passed to the next obstacle. No matter what decision you make, you’ll always be right. To gain confidence, it is about thinking positively and resonating in terms of opportunity.

You will take action and be able to focus on solutions rather than problems

  • Patience : Patience is a virtue. You will be able to better manage stressful situations and anger. By being patient with yourself, you become patient with others, you will learn to better manage the difficulties inherent in life and it will help you achieve your goals.

Everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait

  • Organizational skills : It is based on the ability to anticipate and plan in order to achieve maximum efficiency. It is also about managing your concentration and saving it when necessary, for example by switching off your smartphone. Do not neglect your lifestyle, which helps to improve your concentration and your working environment. You can imagine a cluttered and untidy office. It will show that your mind is too! You have to classify, prioritize and plan. It is important to organize information so that it can be found quickly and to know how to prioritize tasks according to their importance. Finally, plan some tasks that are long or require outside help.

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