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Contact list – 3 reasons to cherish it

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A contact list is what the rod is to the fisherman. It is an indispensable tool in your quest for prospects that will facilitate your sales. I present you the other many advantages that this list offers you. The main objective being to grow your business.A contact list is what the rod is to the fisherman. It is an indispensable tool where you will discover the many advantages of using it. The main objective is to grow your business.

All your efforts will be wasted if you don’t have a contact list

If you have to start from scratch every year to find your customers because you don’t have a regular relationship, then you have fallen into what is called “amnesic marketing”. You rely on luck and your relationship is not regular with your former customers and with all the people who have shown an interest in your products.

An amnesia that will cost you

Consider that your prospects and customers may find themselves in one of the following situations :

  • Some customers would like to find you but unfortunately they have lost your business card or website address. They don’t have an easy way to find you.
  • And you, without having retrieved any contact information to keep in touch with them, you simply don’t know if they are ready to make a second purchase.
  • All your prospects who by hesitation have not yet bought your product because they wanted to give themselves some extra time to think about it will be forgotten. And you don’t have their contact details to get in touch with them again. Prospects will forget about you and eventually decide to go to a competitor.

Even if you have made the decision to systematically collect contact information from your prospects. Think that all your efforts will be wiped out if you leave this list in a corner.

In the choice of what you are going to sell, you are not forced to choose between a service or a material object. The choice is more important than you think. We will develop the possible choices in the business plan a little further.

The indispensable tool for your success, the contact list

The “list” of your prospects and customers is a resource that you must absolutely cherish for the following 3 reasons :

  • You’re going to multiply your sales : By retrieving the contact details and thanks to your follow-up over time, you will make 10 times more sales than if you rely only on your first contact. Know that less than 1% of your visitors will place orders during their first contact.
  • You have a base of people already interested : They know you and already want what you have to offer.
  • You keep your independence : You are not dependent on a platform that can change its rules at any time. You may find yourself taken hostage and have to pay to continue interacting with your customers.
contact list : your generosity is your best asset

Your generosity will be a major asset because it is the best marketing strategy in the world to build your list of potential customers and your audience.

In Alexander Osterwalder’s book “Business Model New Generation“, the author identifies 9 components of a business model :

  • Customer segment (the description of the customer you are addressing)
  • The distribution channels (What allows us to make you known)
  • The resources of the company
  • Key activities
  • Key partners
  • The costs
  • Income
  • The business plan

The combination of these 9 components produces 5 business models :

  1. Provider : You offer a service to customers.
  2. Supplier : You sell and deliver a tangible or non-tangible product. A digital e-learning service falls into this category.
  3. Business provider : In exchange for a commission, you provide services or products delivered by a third party. This form includes resale, affiliate systems.
  4. Media : You provide products, services and content for free or at cost. The people who are attracted by this free offer become an audience whose access you sell to advertisers (this is the business model of Google and Facebook).
  5. Platform : This is the most difficult business model for all project owners. This model is based on putting people in touch to collect a flat fee or commission. For example, it is the business model of AirBnB that puts an owner and a tenant in contact.

How do you grow your list ?

You may be wondering, how am I going to grow my contact list ?

You can use a customer relationship management software, i.e. a CRM for “Customer Relationship Management” specialized in your sector of activity. However, there is another option which is to use an autoresponder. This is software that allows you to manage contacts with your prospects and customers by sending Newsletters or by programming e-mail sequences in advance. The tool I use and recommend is called ActiveCampaign to manage my contact list.

To build up your contact list, you have 3 possibilities :

  • You can invite, with permission, people who have completed your market research to join your list.

To carry out a quick market research study “Market research in 7 questions

  • You can invite people in the same way during your “warning shot“.

Find out how to make your “3 look choices and 7 steps to selling success” wake-up call.

To expand your contact list beyond your close network, you need to offer quality content in exchange for a subscription. You can use the results of your market research to guide your free bonus offer. The free bonus offer will help you to conclude a subscription.

If you have several products or services or even several business models, know that you can create synergy by bringing them together in a single “CV“.

You need to bring a logical progression to entice your customers to buy the second and then the third product. It’s as if your products are intertwined and inseparable.

In each of your courses, you can include bonuses from other courses that belong to you. In this way, you enable your customers to discover ideas that complement your course.

To sum up, now you know that it is ESSENTIAL, so you don’t have to start from scratch, to build up a list of potential customers.
This way, you will be able to contact them and they will be able to find you more easily. You know 3 good reasons to have one :

  1. This will help you to multiply your sales
  2. You have a base of people who show interest in you
  3. You become independent

You know the business models available to you and you know that the better your content is, the more successful you will be in registering registrations 😉

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