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Change your perception to NOT stand still

changer sa perception pour ne pas rester à l'arrêt

Simply complaining or giving up directly is a choice that does not move you towards your goal. Any energy spent on things you have no influence on is simply wasted. In this process much of your power and that of others is wasted.

In our daily lives, we deal with things as they happen and our reflexes tend to be as follows :

  • What does that mean ?
  • Is it right or wrong ?
  • What’s behind it ?
  • How do the others do it ?

Then comes the time when you wonder why you don’t have the energy to deal with your problems. Sometimes you even get angry. You soon find yourself impressed because you’ve thought too much about it.

En voulant toujours connaitre la signification des choses, savoir pourquoi cette chose est comme cela ou comme ceci. Pensez-vous que le “Pourquoi” est si important ?

We’re not gonna spend all day explaining things


Having confidence is not an obvious thing. It can be explained by all the people around you who remind you that you have to be realistic to change nothing.

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A major drawback if you want to try to achieve something else. These preconceived ideas tell us that things should be a certain way and you can end up feeling disadvantaged.

In the behaviour we have been taught, we can find these expressions :

  • Be realistic
  • Consider the criticisms
  • Play fair with others

But is it possible that the “others” are wrong ? What if the general opinion is too conservative ? Even if these questions are legitimate, common reactions are to complain, postpone and eventually give up ?

The expression “see the glass half full” does not constitute a total reversal to go beyond the negative and its shortcomings.

Change your perception depends on… yourself

Myths and fables can confuse your perception of the business world. By focusing too much on individuals, you may miss your true story and be unable to change your perception.

the myths and fables

It doesn’t matter whether the obstacle in front of you is intimidating or constraining, whether the labour market is unfavourable or not, whether it’s the best or worst time to live. All that matters is the present moment.

We live in the present moment when all the theoretical implications of the obstacle exist in the future and the past. By accepting it, it will be easier to face any obstacle and move forward.

Being able to change perception will determine what we are able or unable to do. It is all about believing more in the goal than in the obstacle in order to succeed in taking action. You can see how even if we don’t control reality, our perception influences it.

Steve Jobs was ousted in 1985 because the board of directors at the time considered it insane for Apple to go into consumer products. Their perception turned out to be wrong.

You could say that an entrepreneur can, where there is nothing, create something. Some people when they are given an unfair task can see a chance to test themselves and give it their all. Even knowing how difficult it is to win, they see an opportunity.

The best difficulties arise where obstacles illuminate new options

Let’s take a situation that almost all of us have experienced. The bad boss. All we see is often hell befalls us. When you’re at the end of your rope and you prefer to quit, you have a chance to improve and grow. The opportunity to try new projects, solutions and tactics to complement your field of expertise.

Psychologists studying athletes have found that every fear they feel can be transformed into increased abilities. They call it “development in adversity” or “post-traumatic stress disorder“…

What doesn’t kill makes you stronger

The enemy is a perception that prevents you from seeing that the obstacle is not an adversity but an advantage.

Being connected right now is up to you

You have to differentiate between what is your power and what is not. It is the difference between those who can accomplish great things and those who cannot.

What depends on youWhat does not depend on you
Our emotions
Our creativity
Our point of view
Our decisions
Our wishes
Our determination
Our behaviour
Our judgments
The Economy
The judgments of others

You will increase your power by focusing only on what is in your control. You must view the obstacle as a challenge to make the most of it. If you tackle the task without thinking too much about it, you should probably be finished already 😉

To achieve this, you must ignore the monsters ahead of you and focus only on the present moment.

A company must constantly face the operational constraints of its environment to find all the possible benefits. One could compare the mind of an entrepreneur to that of an animal in the sense that they have neither the time nor the ability to think about how things should be or how they would prefer things to be.

spirit of the animal

You can use what bothers you as an opportunity to learn to focus on what happens as it happens. You can learn not to expect anything from the future because you don’t make predictions. So you let each moment erase the previous one or what others were hoping for.

Vous finirez par trouver une méthode qui fonctionne le mieux chez vous. Vous avez le choix de ce que vous pouvez intégrer à l’instant présent :

  • Disconnect you
  • Go for a walk
  • Getting physical activity
  • Adopt a dog

Toutes les choses qui sont un rappel constant du bonheur présent.

All things that are a constant reminder of present happiness.

You need to focus on what’s in front of you right now. Ignore what it “means” or “represents” and the “why this is happening to me“.

You should not pay too much attention to what others are saying (even your inner voice) to keep your mind open. Allow yourself the opportunity to accomplish.

You need to control your emotions and see things objectively. With aplomb, you will no longer see the obstacle but the opportunity that is offered to you.

There’s good in everything if only we take the trouble to seek out


It’s like a look that ignores the wrapping and only sees the gift inside. A winning strategy that you can apply every time. You need a total turnaround beyond the negative.

Look at the world as it is for what it is. Knowing how to change your perception is a clear, ambitious, rational and objective attitude. In a clear mind, your hands are more confident.

Make no mistake, because no one is asking you to see the world through rose-coloured glasses, or to become a martyr, or to fail with nobility.

Even if you understand the reality of the obstacle and the negative side, no matter what, daring pays off. Tackle what stands in your way without being a player who defies the odds because you have calculated it and are willing to take the risk.

Now that you know how to change your perception, the next step is to take action.

Are you ready to act ?

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