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Barren spell – bounce back in 5 steps

traversée du désert

We all face the desert crossing at one time or another. To succeed in not giving up along the way, to resist and maintain your actions to move forward, you must start by asking yourself the right questions. This is your opportunity to take stock of the situation! Once the enemy has been identified, you will be able to correct anything that could make you less effective and make you unhappy. To help you on your way, I propose to you to detail in practice the 2 following phases:

  • Identify, by questioning, all your weaknesses in your money, time, attention and energy
  • Apply corrective actions to close the gaps and re-create value in your life

When crisis situations get in your way

Confronted with a crisis situation, you become paralyzed, anxious and your thinking is blocked. Some people may feel a weight even hindering their breathing. The situation seems out of control. By allowing these events to paralyze you, you will simply let things get worse.

As long as, for lack of time, money, attention and energy, your bucket is pierced, then your feeling of never having “enough” will last. You will be looking for more and more and all your efforts will end in failure.

Beware of your brain because it lies to you! Research in neuropsychology has taught us that the part that manages cravings and short-term leisure activities is different from the part that manages the evaluation of our satisfaction. This is why you often don’t get the much coveted satisfaction once your craving is fulfilled when you were dying to do this or that thing in the first place.

Plugging the breaches of its barren spell in 2 phases

A barren spell is not just a negative moment. It is also an opportunity to question yourself and to free yourself from your limiting mental chains.

In the first phase, you’re going to plug your gaps. According to Bill O’Hanlon, there can be “leaks” in four areas of your life :

  • Money : If your unconsciousness is badly adjusted then it is possible that your money will disappear as quickly and sometimes even faster than it arrived.

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  • Time : For an entrepreneur, time is the most precious asset because it is easy to get carried away in activities that will have no impact on the development of your business in the long term.
  • Attention : You have planned a whole battery of actions to develop your business. While watching your smartphone you come across a video to link them one after the other …
  • Energy : Many of your habits will either drain or boost your energy. You should avoid activating them when they go in the direction of draining your energy.

Then comes the second phase. The one where you will try to add value back into your life after you have plugged all your leaks.

  • You can add money while making sure it doesn’t interfere with your time. Developing passive income is one way to do this.
  • You can develop your business efficiency to gain more free time without harming your income.
  • You can develop good habits to increase your attention span and efficiency.
  • You can fuel your “Sacred Fire” with activities that will increase your energy.

Know that you are neither the last nor the first to encounter difficulties. Behind the galleys lie opportunities, opportunities for you to find solutions. If you manage to overcome them in your barren spell, you will become a source of inspiration for all those who follow you and who will find themselves in the same situation.

To implement your ideas, you must be determined. Now that you’ve gone through the first two phases, you have all the resources you need to make it happen. Here’s what you can change in these bad situations :

  • You can always bounce back from attacks. Whether you are defamed or denigrated by certain media or by your competitors. You have the opportunity to prove the quality of your products or services.

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  • You can rise from the ashes to start a new business if you fail. Living a barren spell is not a fatality, you have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

In times of difficulty, the only thing that prevents you from realizing your immense potential is your lack of decision to take action. However, it is not enough to just “go for it” because there are many directions and they are not all the same.

Barren spell : the directions are multiple and they are not all the same.

When your products are denigrated and your integrity is attacked in different media or otherwise, remember that you want to be an example for your customers and your community. Don’t give up and continue to create value.

Get off to a flying start in 5 steps

In delicate situations and in your barren spell, it is important to know how to call for help and to be well surrounded to be pointed in the right direction.

Let’s go back to the strategy initiated by Bill that allows you to develop each of these assets :

  • More time
  • More money
  • More attention span
  • More energy

In the first phase, you must eliminate the leaks to plug all the gaps. In a second phase, you will optimize your wealth creation system.

In a crisis situation, you will have the opportunity to fill in the gaps by dealing with the causes of your problems whether it is for :

  • Time leaks
  • Money leaks
  • Leaks of attention
  • Energy leaks

To deal with leaks, start by taking stock of your life by dividing the answers to the following questions into two lists :

Activities, events and people that fill your bucketActivities, events and people who empty your bucket
What brings you the most money ?What costs you the most money ?
What frees you up the most time ?What consumes you the most time without bringing you value ?
What frees my attention to be available for what really matters to me ?What consumes your attention continuously or randomly ?
What gives me energy ?What consumes you a lot of energy ?

By completing these 2 lists you will be able to deduce a list of people to avoid, activities to avoid and events to avoid. Thanks to this approach, you will free yourself of mental space and boost your productivity.

To make sure you get off to a great start, you can use a method recommended by Bill called “START“, which consists of 5 steps :

  • Step One “Scrutinize” : Take stock of your life using the list to help you identify people, activities and events that don’t fill your bucket.
  • Second step “Sort” : Sort your activities by prioritizing them. The goal is to make your life easier so that you can focus on the success of your project.
  • Third step “Automate” : Identify all the tools that can save you time. Plan your agenda, etc. in a clever way. Find techniques that promote your efficiency.
  • Fourth step “Solve problems” : After identifying your obstacles, you have no other option but to solve them. Understand that dropping and picking up the bad habits on your list is not an option.
  • Step Five “Cut from the list” : Keep only what is most important. Even if you identify positive items on your list, some will have a greater impact than others. Remove those that have a marginal impact.

Now that you know the method. Remember that before looking for technical, legal or financial solutions, take a moment to do Bill’s 2 exercises. You will have a clearer mind to guide your choices without falling into choices dictated by the pressure of your difficulties.

Barren spell : Making the List

In your barren spell, remember the reasons why you are going to be self-employed. When you have them in mind, your determination is unfailing.

In short, you now know how to distinguish all the activities, events and people that drain or bring you energy. Thanks to your list, you can start again in an efficient way thanks to the “START” method in 5 steps :

In short, you now know how to distinguish all the activities, events and people that drain or bring you energy. Thanks to your list, you can start again, while being more efficient, thanks to the “START” method which leads you to carry out the following actions in 5 steps :

  • Identify the people, activities and events that hinder you in your goal.
  • Prioritize your actions.
  • Use all the tools that can save you time and plan your next actions intelligently.
  • Eliminate all your obstacles.
  • Keep only those actions that have a significant impact.

Remember the reasons for taking action. If you have them in mind, then your determination will remain unfailing 😉

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