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Avoid conformism with the right questions

éviter le conformisme

3 obstacles that prevent you from undertaking

Conformism : It’s paralyzing. You are part of the problem instead of part of the solution. By conforming, you are not helping yourself !

When everyone thinks the same thing, it’s because no one thinks much


By allowing fear of your environment and immobility to petrify you, not only do you become an obstacle to yourself, but also to future generations.

One reason for this is that for many people conformism is learned very early. Indeed, in many families there is an unconscious or even active disincentive to undertake because after all, “This is not for us, this kind of thing“…

An additional reason is that for many non-entrepreneurs, the motivation would mainly be money. Fortunately, they are far from the truth. The majority of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs start out in search of freedom.

avoid conformism in search of freedom

Wanting to get away from stress : If like most people in the workforce, you are tired of the tight conversations around the coffee machine. Sorry, because bad news is that entrepreneurship is no less stressful. Afterwards, it all depends on how you manage this difficulty 😉

Wanting to work less : Most studies converge towards this conclusion, business leaders and entrepreneurs work on average more and even much more than employees. Their choices are motivated by passion or ambition.

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Imagine what would happen if the next 10 years you lived like the last 3 weeks with the same priorities and the same schedule. Take a moment to make this description and imagine your life in 10 years if you continue to live like the last 3 weeks.

Ask yourself the following questions for 10 years from now as if it were the last 3 weeks :

Work :

  • Do you feel a positive impact or do you prefer to quit your job ?

The couple :

  • Do you end up getting divorced or is your relationship passionate and exciting ?

Social life :

  • Are you increasingly isolated, alone with relationships based exclusively on your e-mail or an active social life full of strong moments and sincere sharing ?

Leisure time :

  • Don’t you have a minute to yourself or are you in control of your time ?

Finance :

  • Do you gnaw on blood for money or do you swim in abundance ?

Health :

  • Will you be tired or even lethargic or healthy, well rested with an athletic physique and full of energy ?

To summarize your emotional state and in view of your answers. Would you say that 10 years from now you could get up every morning optimistic ? That you would convey boundless confidence with a smile? Or the words that come to mind are closer to the ordeal, stress, lack of self-confidence or even jealousy when you see the success of others ?

And if you already imagined your success in overcoming conformism

Go beyond conformism : Tell yourself that the road to the launch and success of your business is strewn with dozens of pitfalls to face rather than a hundred obstacles to overcome :

  • Lack of inspiration.
  • Lack of skills.
  • Administrative slowness.
  • Financial difficulties.
  • Lack of confidence from investors or your bank.
  • Criticism from family and friends.
  • Lack of customer recognition and loyalty.

All these obstacles on your road are the facets of one and the same enemy : conformism.

You should never say, “Oh, yeah, I can’t because of the family.” On the contrary, in this situation, say “I have to do it… because of the family“.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about eliminating problems. It’s about choosing your own problems, not the ones that are imposed on you.

Undertake at your own pace : Define the amount of time you need to invest during the start-up phase (you can estimate it at a maximum of 18 months). Nevertheless, at the beginning, the work capacity and the effort that you will be able to provide remain important assets to promote the success of your project.

Now you can do the following exercise. Imagine that you have succeeded in setting up a viable and profitable project. Take the time to describe your day as if you were there and answer the following questions :

At work :

  • Who are you working with ?
  • What are your hours ?
  • How do you interact with your customers ?
  • Do you work on the internet, in a point of sale or on the phone between 2 planes ?

The challenge of your new job :

  • Do you enjoy taking on new challenges ?
  • What problems do you think are easy for you to solve for your customers ?

Your love life :

  • What extra freedom does this new entrepreneurial life offer you to spend more time with (or find) your loved one ?

Your family and your children :

  • What example of achievement do you represent to them ?
  • What experiences can you offer them ?

Your friends and your social life :

  • What availabilities have you arranged in your schedule to see your friends and have a good time together ?

Your hobbies :

  • What hobbies, passions or sports can you finally practice now that you have free time and the possibility to choose ?

Your finances :

  • When your business brings in a certain amount of money on a stable and comfortable monthly basis, what will you do with that money ?

Your health :

  • Once you’ve found an activity that you’re passionate about and can practice according to your own rules, what will be the impact on your body, energy and endurance ?

You’re not born an entrepreneur, you become one !

You may prefer to stay quietly in your comfortable job unless you are “miserable as a rock”. Then you may have to take action because you see no other solution.

Associated with your creativity, nonconformism remains a positive value where it can be expressed and can be a major asset. From the transgression of the single thought, ideas spring up. You can make deviations as long as you do not oppose everything. From then on, your originality is your trademark.

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