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Ask yourself the right question to succeed

se poser la bonne question

It is important to ask yourself the right question in order to achieve your ultimate goal and when you want to live up to it. If you have too many tasks to do, you will fall into the impossible. By dispersing yourself and facing the lack of results, you will get depressed quite quickly.

One must be aware that imposing oneself for long days is neither breast nor productive. Reaching your ultimate goal with extraordinary results is rarely a coincidence. It is the result of your actions and decisions.

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Ask yourself the right question means finding the critical question that helps you define what is most important. What is critical to your success ? What is the best decision you can make immediately ? This will help you to do what really matters. However, what is necessary is not necessarily what is immediately feasible.

Ask yourself the right question to do what really matters

By doing the right tasks, in the right order, you will acquire the right skills and relationships while developing a good frame of mind.

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Once you’ve asked yourself the right question, your progress will become natural. By finding your essential task, all the other tasks will require less effort from you.

ask yourself the right question to achieve your ultimate goal

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The key to your success will not be in everything you do but in the few things you do well.

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Asking the right question helps you stay on track throughout the day and all times of the year. You need to ask yourself this question over and over again to organize your tasks according to their importance. That’s how you’ll discover the next priority.

The question is as follows :

What is the ESSENTIAL thing I can do to make everything else easier or even unnecessary ?

You have the right to only one answer.

But these yaka hawks all ran away in front of a poor little thing doing


What you need to remember :

  • Asking the right question should help you find the first domino, no matter what area you are looking to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Your question has 2 levels :
    • The first level is to determine the right question.
    • The second level aims to find the first step
  • By repeatedly asking yourself the question “What is the most important thing for me now?” you will refocus on your most important task.

Finding a habit of success

Here is an example of a critical question :

  • At work :

What is the ESSENTIAL thing I can do to make sure I reach my goals in the next 6 months that will make everything else easier or unnecessary ?

You start by stating the category and ask your question. You add a timeframe to it and end with “who will make everything else simple or useless ?

You can apply this method for all :

  • Your physical health
  • Your privacy
  • Your work
  • Your Finances
  • Your company
  • Your spiritual life

What you need to remember :

  • Use this question every day “What is the essential thing I can do today for [The Essential Thing You Want] so that everything else becomes simpler or even useless“.
  • Get into the habit of asking yourself the right question to set you on the path to the extraordinary results you expect.
  • You can use reminders or mnemonics that are close to you where you will be able to see it every day “Until I do the essential thing, everything else is a distraction“. You can post it on your fridge door, on your phone, in your room.

Finding big answers to big questions

Asking the right question will help you find your essential, the most important thing to do in any situation. You will define what you need to do to get there. It’s a very simple process that accompanies you to find your big answer.

You don’t choose your future. You choose your habits, and those habits decide your future


Your whole challenge is going to be to find your big answer and you may ask yourself at this point “What is a big answer ?“. To formulate an answer, you have to focus on the successful people. All these people are successful because they can project themselves far enough to grow. They enrich their lives by finding the most difficult answers. A great answer should allow you to push your limits through your desire to find what is beyond your natural reach. This type of answer is initially out of what you know how to do.

You will probably have to do some research by studying those who have achieved your goal. As you begin this research, you will go beyond what your predecessors have done because you will be in discovery and innovation instead of reproduction and imitation.

However, in the beginning, the experience of others is the best starting point for your research. You will know what has been done to make it your own as a solid foundation.

We are going to take the example of a big question about a sales argument to tend towards an answer that is both big and specific.

Here is an example of a goal that is specific :

What can I do to double my sales in the next 6 months ?

The first question to ask yourself is, “Has anyone else ever done or studied anything comparable ?” Often the answer will be “Yes” and you will be in the process of exploring what others have learned.

Whether on or off the Internet, you will try to find people who have managed to decipher a code. That’s how you can get on their trail to achieve extraordinary results. Your research will lead you to extrapolate even one trend from their experience.

Here is a method for overcoming major difficulties in all areas :

  • Doubling the competition
  • Getting closer to your personal goal
  • etc…

The more original your answer is, the more you will have to reinvent yourself in some way. Your new answer will usually indicate a new behaviour to adopt.

What you need to remember :

Think big and specific when determining your goal. Beforehand, your question should be big enough to achieve great results and specific enough to have a clear objective.
Look for a successful goal: A goal that pushes you within the limits of your current abilities to encourage you to explore what is new but possible.
Identify the basics and trends to find the best solution. Over time you will be able to anticipate the developments that will help you get to the top. It is by formulating your trends and standards that you will get extraordinary answers and results.

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