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4 methods to build your legend

construire votre légende

To build your legend and gain the trust of your potential customers, you will demonstrate your skill through 4 methods to impress your customers. You can build 2 kinds of legends, that of the “Shaman” and that of the “Hero“.

Your clients and investors may be put off if you are different in spite of your competence.

  • Either because you’re young or you’re too old. You may have difficulty making a personal connection. Same thing if you don’t belong to the same social background or culture.
  • Either because you are different from their usual providers or suppliers.

The resource that will be the easiest to acquire in almost all sectors of activity is competence. It’s not a diploma or certification, it’s a demonstrable skill that you need.

A client is skeptical simply because he questions the credibility of your offer. If you are able to prove that your product or service will perform the “miracle” that the customer is looking for, then you will have gained their trust. This is called a show of force.

How do you get your customer to trust you ?

To achieve this, you have to create your own legend, i.e. prove your competence. Two elements make up your “personal legend” :

The Legend of the Shaman: You are able, with the blink of an eye, to solve your customer’s problem.
Hero Legend: Your customers have a high esteem value that sets you apart from your competitors.

  • The Legend of the Shaman : You are able, with the blink of an eye, to solve your customer’s problem.
  • Hero Legend : Your customers have a high esteem value that sets you apart from your competitors.
Build your legend is a little like walking on coals.

Let’s go into a little more detail on each of these elements :

  • To build the legend of the Shaman, you must prove that you can solve his difficulties because your priority as always is the customer.
  • To build the legend of the Hero, you must let your unique personality express itself in your communication.

To get your clients ready to invest, you need to make it visible. How do you do that ? Simply by advising and helping your potential clients.

4 ways to impress your customers

First method : Earning your stripes

If you know how to be attentive, you will have opportunities to work for free to prove your value and build your relationship. To achieve this you need to put a “foot in the door”.

For a better understanding of what it means to “put your foot in the door” you are free to consult “Manipulation – 11 techniques to improve your results

As soon as you announce “I will work for you for free” it will be difficult for an entrepreneur to ignore it or even pay any attention to it.

Your freshness, energy and drive should not leave the company you are targeting indifferent because you are giving them the greatest gift of all: your enthusiasm.

However, it will not be about working for free forever. A short trial period should be enough to prove yourself. You may consider performance-based pay with no maximum cap.

You need to do this for a pre-determined period of time to gain experience and leave with your mentor’s recommendation.

Second method : Being the outsider

By proposing a solution that breaks with usage, you have found what is missing or you have solved a problem in your sector.

Third method : The testimony wall

If your customers have enough confidence in the results they can achieve then all your little flaws will be quickly forgotten. You can prove yourself by directly applying your skills in two ways with your customers :

  • Either you provide your first trainings or first products free of charge with the limit of obtaining the first 10 testimonials. You will then be able to apply a rate that reflects your true value.
  • Either you charge the first 10 customers but at a higher rate than what you intend to charge in the long term. Why is that? Because these customers have your full attention and you may not be able to keep up with the thousands of subsequent buyers. You apply what is known as the “skimming” strategy.

To find out what this strategy is all about, see “The Price to Pay for Your Fair Value

Keep in mind that you only need a small number of customers to show the seriousness of your work. Starting from how many ? Let’s say as soon as you reach a hundred or so on your prospect list. Once you’ve reached that goal, you can use a formulation like “More than a hundred people are following us…

Fourth method : Demonstrating your skill

Shouting loudly that your service or product is incredibly effective won’t do the trick. You still have to prove it. There are 3 ways to do this :

  1. Highlight the experts behind the product/service
  2. Highlight an average individual and the result he or she has achieved through the use of your product/service.
  3. Prove the effect of your product/service on yourself and show the transformation achieved from scratch.

Questions to ask yourself to build your legend

To help you answer these few questions you can help yourself with a quick market research.

To find out how to do a quick market research: “Market research in 7 questions

The basic questions :

  • Who is the client I’m talking to ?
  • What keeps him awake at night? What are their problems and frustrations ?
  • What makes him dream without believing in them ?

The questions to build your legend of the “Shaman” :

  • What would I like my clients to say about me once I’ve “cured” his difficulties ?
  • What have I done to deserve the reputation I’ve earned as a result of the previous question ?
  • How can I reproduce this demonstration publicly to show what I am capable of doing to help my clients ?
  • How can I add “panache” to my demonstration ?

The questions to build your “hero” legend :

  • What would I like my clients to say about me that shows that I inspire them ?
  • What have I done to deserve the reputation I’ve earned as a result of the previous question ?
  • How do I allow the client to be like “little mice” watching me as I apply this super power ?
  • How can I add “panache” to my demonstration ?

To go further…

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