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2 ways to find the project you are passionate

le projet qui vous passionne

To find the project you are passionate about, there are many factors to consider. Your ideal project must fit your personality, be achievable with the resources at your disposal and be attainable with the opportunities around you.

It is difficult to get an objective answer to these questions without tools. Like most people, you were born without having immediately integrated a passion. Many books mention the importance of having “a project that you are passionate about” but without giving you a method to help you identify it.

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That’s the million-dollar question, “How do you come up with an idea for a product or service to sell ?

Don’t become an opportunist. If you’re just trying to surf the wave for fashion reasons, you’ll have a great chance of arriving after the wave, the time to create your product and jump in the water.

Understand where you get your motivation from

Motivation factors to find the project you are passionate about and to know what to do with your life in two categories :

  • The factors that motivate you (pleasure seeking) or negative (pain avoidance).
  • Intrinsic (our own) or extrinsic factors (motivation is imposed by the external environment).

Here is a table brought by psychotherapist Bill O’Hanlon defining 4 components of motivation :

  • The unexpected gift
  • The desperate moment
  • Weathered pleasure
  • The exasperated rebel
Positive motivationNegative motivation
Extrinsic motivationThe unhoped-for giftThe desperate moment
Intrinsic motivationWeathered pleasureThe exasperated rebel

Use this exercise by answering these two questions :

  • What do you like to do ?
  • What are you good at ?

Then surround which component of motivation you belong to that will help you to know yourself better and find the project you are passionate about. Help yourself with the explanation of each component below :

The unexpected gift : You’ve been able to take a positive direction by tapping into certain events in your life. A chance meeting or the encouragement of person(s) has allowed you to progress or anything else that has caused a positive turn in your life.

You can use them by taking these “gifts from heaven” to share them and help people who were not as fortunate as you.

The desperate moment : On the other hand, you may have gone through some hardships to get to where you are today. You may have faced attacks or criticism. Or accidents in life that you managed to overcome when it could have broken you, but not without difficulties !

You can use this experience to help thousands of others.

Weathered pleasure : This time we’ll be looking for your inner fire that animates you instead of outdoor events. Is there a passion that brings you intense joy ? Can you be absorbed in a hobby, an activity, a creative hobby or a vocation for hours on end without you seeing the time pass ?

If you have fallen in love with a hobby, an art, a product or a project that you are passionate about, then there are thousands of people who, like you, are just waiting for a click to succumb to their passion.

The exasperated rebel : This is the most common and widespread motivating factor for entrepreneurs to get started. You can take a moment to think about it and ask yourself this question “What’s wrong with the world ?

You use your frustration to turn it into an opportunity. In your outburst of indignation and/or search for meaning, life offers us opportunities that are sometimes revealed through frustration.

With this method, you can explore avenues for product or service concepts while being sure to maintain your long-term motivation in all circumstances.

You can do the exercise by completing the following table :

Exercise to find and define the project you are passionate about

How to find ideas for opportunities

Here’s another approach by taking an interest in the problems that many potential customers are currently experiencing.

You can adopt and adapt somewhat the following approach: for 3 weeks, pay attention to the conversations around you. Keep your ear to the ground everywhere and at all times. In a restaurant, in the street, with your family and your colleagues to spot these 2 signs :

  • Words of frustration : Be alert to phrases that indicate frustration such as “I’m sick of…!” or “I’m sick of…!”. They might find a solution”. Remember that life is full of opportunities that come in the form of small frustrations.
  • The questions that remain unanswered and unsatisfied : These may be existing solutions that do not respond to the need expressed “I have my ears clogged while using cotton swabs. Don’t you have a solution ?“. A solution exists but its quality leaves so much to be desired that it is hardly recommendable. The solution exists but it is not sufficiently known “Do you know a Thai restaurant in the city centre of Nice ?“. Finally, you also have the requests for which there are no suppliers or providers.

You can also draw on your own experiences :

  • Either you take the time to dissect a memorable and positive experience : Then you may consider finding a business arrangement to market a product or service that you will be willing to “evangelize“.
  • Either you identify an opportunity to do better by having lived a deplorable shopping experience : In this user experience that made you grind your teeth, you will surely not be the only person to live it. You have the opportunity to do better and succeed where failure is identified.

After 3 weeks, your brain is boiling and you may be faced with too many ideas. Keep your head on your shoulders as not all ideas are excellent and good to keep.

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