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2 actions to succeed in your project

2 actions pour réussir

Here are 2 actions to succeed in your entrepreneurial quest :

  • Focus on 1 project instead of 10.
  • Determine your client avatar.

First action: Stay focused on one project

If the contractor is working on 10 projects at a time, then he is always scattered and not getting anywhere. He does not adopt the good practices among the 2 actions to succeed. One could consider that he is not able to choose his project. In reality, he avoids making a choice and finds an excuse not to move forward.

If you haven’t had, so far, a simple criterion to separate your projects, it is normal that you are confused when you try to decide on one.

The choice of the project you start should be based on the resources you have on hand to date. This way, you will obtain better results while saving a lot of time. In short, it will be easier and more efficient. Know that you won’t have to commit yourself to this project for the rest of your life.

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You will have understood that, by launching one project at a time, you put all the chances on your side! And you will avoid being perceived as a dreamer a little “crazy” with the excuse of “overwork” for not really advancing on any of your many projects.

By running a project to the fullest, you’re going to stay in one direction. You will have time to acquire resources and contacts. After a while you can always change your mind and start again on a plan “B”. Nothing abnormal !

If you haven’t chosen your project, then all new ideas are opportunities. If you have chosen a project then all new ideas are distractions.

An entrepreneur who is focused on a single topic will get results quickly and can ask a lot of questions.

The project you should start with first is the one you already have with the most resources. Because the time and effort you put in will be more quickly rewarded.

You can’t be both “in the oven and the mill” if you want your business to “hit the ground running“. Rather than get confused between two projects and get stuck, it’s better to keep one to capitalize on you. In short, choose a single project.

The entrepreneur’s resources on which his activity is based are seven in number :

  • Qualifications : Access the qualifications you do not yet possess.
  • Relationships : Inspire confidence even if you are different and find partners.
  • Notoriety : Make yourself known.
  • The list: Get a list of contacts (prospects and customers).
  • The product : Choose your business model.
  • The offer : Create an irresistible offer.
  • The money : Succeed without necessarily having a big upfront investment.

Each of these resources is a lever for acquiring and developing the others.

Second action : Define your client avatar

He who wants to address everyone is really addressing no one. By refusing to address a target audience, the “generalist” entrepreneur will lose all power of conviction.

For a person who would react the same way in advertising, it’s even worse! It is much more expensive to advertise to a large audience than to a segment.

To avoid falling into the trap of addressing everyone, you can use the avatar. It is an idealized and detailed description of the customer you are now going to target. In the 2 actions to succeed, the avatar is a great tool.

Chances are you’ll never deal with a client that matches your avatar 100%. The idea is that your future customer is sufficiently in tune with your avatar’s characteristics. Therefore, your products and/or services will specifically suit his or her needs.

2 actions to succeed : representation of an avatar in Lego
One of the 2 actions to succeed is to imagine your avatar as a Lego character 😉

The advantage of defining an avatar lies in the fact of being much more specific in your communication through flyers, on your website or on your advertisements.

You may ask yourself the following question “How can I get a more precise definition of an avatar if I don’t yet have any clients I can rely on for analysis ?” The answer can be found in the Express Market Research.

You may also ask yourself, “What should I expect if I start talking to my avatar instead of everyone else ?“. To that 2 things :

  • You usually find that you will lose about half of your clientele. The reason is simple, this clientele does not match your avatar.
  • Paradoxically, you can double or more the number of customers who will strongly resemble your avatar.

For your avatar, if you’re wondering, “Is it worth losing half the customers to win twice as many on the other side ?” The answer is YES.

The choice of your avatar must be made by the public already mostly interested in your product and/or service. Even if your clientele is varied, certain traits will be over-represented and will constitute the keys necessary to define your avatar.

All you have to do to obtain this information is to contact your customers.

Here is an example of a company’s express market research :

Your company has a majority of women (about 74%). You questioned a representative sample to find out that :

  • 81% have had higher education.
  • A majority are single (almost 70%).

Their socio-professional category is less varied than you thought :

  • 66% are employed.
  • 73% use Facebook.

You realize that in the end nearly 74% of your clientele is in a narrow age bracket: between 28 and 40 years old.

With this valuable information, we will build our avatar. Please be aware that there is no real limit to how far you can go in building your avatar. In addition to simple socio-demographic characteristics, you can add psychological aspects such as motivation and certain habits.

Here is an example of an avatar :

Valérie 26 years old is a cultivated young woman who has done graduate studies in management. She has been in the workforce for 1 year. During her last years of studies, she actively participated in the BDE (Bureaux Des Élèves). Since then, she has been scouring Facebook to participate in events after work. Her dream for her next job is to join a company in the event industry.

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